Otterday! And Open Thread

Welcome to Otterday! Today’s open thread is hosted by this otter at the British Wildlife Centre, courtesy of Derbyshire Wildlife Photography.

A slim, alert otter leans on a grassy bank.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Went to a great comedy show last night where some old friends were performing. The lineup was all female except for the token chaps: two magicians and a drag artiste (this was just down the road from Oxford Street). The whole show had a great night-before-Sydney-Mardi-Gras-Parade vibe and I loved the diversity of talent on display. There was even an imperious ginger tabby theatre cat.

  2. If anyone’s feeling grumpy today, I suggest this.

    Worth it for the baby owl alone, with the hedgehogs a close second.

  3. Someone on my Failb0rk posted this — wombat cuteness overload imminent.

  4. How much do I love that my kids’ high school’s production of Beauty and the Beast includes in the chorus a Year 9 boy with down syndrome? Quite a lot. 🙂
    Oh, and my daughter does a pretty good impression of a spoon and now I can’t get “Be Our Guest” out of my head and I don’t even like this damn musical! (I’m going to 2 more performances in the next week. The things we do for our kids.)

  5. Mindy, you asked about aerial photography at my place. I find Google’s imagery is pretty good – they use oldish SA Lands Dept photography, more-or-less rectified so I can scale off it. The most recent is from about Sep 2010 (according to the Lands Dept website), and shows the beginnings of the short forest. I also have a saved copy of the imagery from some time before I bought it, about 2005 I think, and it was just another clapped-iut wheat’n’sheep paddock.
    However, if you have access to anything better, all contributions are welcome.
    I haven’t made a start on the “Hello, Kitty” chainsaw yet, but I need to go to the hardware shop today so I’ll look for pink paint.

  6. I found this post by Amanda Marcotte via Butterflies and Wheels. It’s pretty good, but this paragraph in particular:

    If you’re the lone woman, you can tell yourself, “Most women aren’t cut out to play with the big boys, but I’m the exception. I’m spectacular!” Admitting that there might not be more women because of institutional bias and discrimination—and working to get more women into the game—would mean you lose your place as the Special Lady Who Is Better Than All Other Ladies Because She Is One Of The Guys.

    This cut a little close to home. As someone who has spent a lot of her life in predominantly male spaces, yeah, I think I’ve done a little of that thinking…

    • I think that thinking is very common, particularly when we’re young, for those of us who have been proud of being accepted (at least partially) as “one of the boys”. As a sporty swot I spent some time in that head-space too, as a teen and younger woman.

  7. @DINR – the maps I have are probably the same age wise, but I can produce a farm map with potential fences, paddock sizes etc marked if that would be helpful to you – before June 30!

  8. It’s not Saturday (erm, Otterday) anymore, but I just wanted to squee about the fact that I got into a special research program for one of my courses this semester! I was one of three people chosen, so I’m really happy. 😀 Roman Empresses of the Antonine Period, here I come!

  9. I think I’ll be OK, thanks Mindy. I’ll be fencing the creek, and then dividing it up into about 2 – 3 hA micro-paddocks to cell-graze, once I’ve moved up there.

  10. No worries DINR, just thought I’d offer while I still had access to the mapping gear.

  11. I meant 2 – 3 acre, of course.

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