Signal boost: Cherchez la Femme comes to Sydney!

Cherchez la Femme – ‘Feminism in the pub’  - Sunday 21st April 2013

Cherchez la Femme comes to Sydney for the first time! Since 2010 Melbourne audiences have flocked to see smart, funny feminists engaging on topics like sex, sport, sluts, comedy, film, fashion, public space and fat.

It’s like feminist Q&A…with drinks. CLF features thoughtful, uncensored, and irreverent takes on pop culture and current affairs from an unapologetically feminist angle.

Join us for a night of real talk, guaranteed lols and big-mouthed-feminist love!

Guests include:

Nareen Young
CEO Diversity Council of Australia – leader, speaker, feminist.

Emily Maguire
author of Princesses & Pornstars, Your Skirt’s Too Short & Fishing for Tigers – writer, educator, feminist.

Frances Lockie
writer at Corpulent, Cosmopolitan, Girlfriend & Jezebel – fat activist, policy adviser, feminist.

Van Badham
Artistic Associate at Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne – dramaturg, agitator, feminist.

Catriona Wimberley
Postgraduate Fellow at University of Sydney & ANSTO – scientist, researcher, feminist.

hosted by:

Karen Pickering
creator and host of Cherchez la Femme and SlutWalk Melbourne organiser – commentator, activist, feminist.

Doors open at 5pm and tickets can be purchased here

So, anyone for a Hoyden Meetup?

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6 replies

  1. Sounds great – I’m up for that. Thanks Mim!

  2. Excellent. I’ll be there with you, Jo!

  3. If there’s still tickets by the end of the week, I’ll hopefully get one then! (Please no one interpret this as a request to get me one earlier 🙂 I can’t determine my free dates until then.)

  4. Great! I have bought my ticket.
    (I’m assuming it’s easier for everyone to just do their own, since it’s general admission.)
    Figure out details re meeting closer to the date?

  5. I have purchased tickets for myself and a few facebook friends (including a couple of Hoydens – shonias and WP), but yes, no need to coordinate on the ticket buying level really.
    Looking forward to this, should be a good night!

  6. I am en-ticketed!

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