If you don’t want to be shamed in public, don’t create a hostile work environment in public. #ISupportAdria

A nugget of awesome from SKM on the Shakesville post Adria Richards Does Belong at Tech Conferences.

This whole “you never shame a man in public! Take him politely aside!” is such bullshit for so many reasons: It does not work; you have no witnesses, and people tend to take their word over yours about what was said and how; it affords opportunities for threats or physical retaliation, again with no witnesses; and on and on.

If you don’t want to be shamed in public, don’t create a hostile work environment in public. The end.

Notice I say “create a hostile work environment” instead of merely “make an ass of yourself” or “be rude” or something. Because I’ve seen this framed as “a breach of courtesy” etc. and I want to emphasize that there are actually LAWS against this type of shit. Sheesh. EEOC, anyone?

Also, this whole post from Janet Stemwedel aka Dr Free-Ride: Naming, shaming, victim-blaming: thoughts on Adria Richards and PyCon.

Anyone who’s already familiar with the background to this story will be unsurprised to learn that this post has been placed into full moderation, and that a no-tolerance policy on comments from whingeing arsehats who clearly have not read either of the linked posts is in operation.

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  1. This post by Mark Chu-Carroll at Scientopia is possibly the best read out there for sending to anybody who is still insisting on arguing that Adria handled it all wrong.
    A White Boy’s Observations of Sexism and the Adria Richards Fiasco

  2. So is it a complete coincidence that this post appeared right before the site was hacked?

    • Maybe, maybe not. The hackers have only hit the sites on my server that get the most hits – if it was malicious I’d expect them to have just hacked everything.

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