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So Hoyden Major is down again, but the fix required for the hack is not terrifically urgent (no malware etc inserted) so I’m not going to burn my candles even more down to stubs at both ends to fix it, because burnt-out is how I currently feel with everything going on with my frail (and getting rapidly frailer) parents needing more and more assistance from me and my sibs. The site will be back online once I’ve had a few really good nights’ sleep and got my brain back into troubleshooting mode.

I apologise for the lack of otters. Who’s got some nice otter pics to hand?

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  1. I’ve just imported the last month’s worth of posts from Hoyden Major over here so that people can continue the conversations they were having.

  2. It’s peaceful over here. Spending Easter weekend in Bundanoon being rural, so not likely to miss blogging. Good excuse to skip fussing with a Friday hoyden. Thanks for getting this space up, when you have so much to deal with. I loathe how much stuff we end up taking with us whenever we go away these days. I once went to London for the weekend with nothing but a capacious handbag. What have I become?

  3. I have a busy Easter weekend plotted out for myself which got off to a cracking start when I got out of bed at 9.27am. It is now over an hour later and I have managed to eat breakfast, put on a load of washing and pack the dishwasher. The garden, pantry, study, orchard, chook coop and garage remain untouched. I am going to stop this comment here before I think of any more things to insert in that list. Bugger, too late.

  4. Hang in there.

    8-9913 Otter Swinger!

  5. I’m doing better than you Mindy, but all the stuff I have done this morning was not planned at all. With the possible exception of the washing. So I have done (and pegged out) three loads of washing, cleaned out the fridge (the fact that this needed doing was brought to my attention by getting up to discover that a bottle of milk had leaked all through it in the night), wrangled several kid fights, persuaded 66% of the kids to clean their rooms, planned what we’re going to eat for dinner for the next two days, and made breakfast and lunch. On the other hand I did get up an hour and a half before you and Mr a is in bed with a cold.
    I was going to vacuum, but frankly the rug can stay crumby for a few hours more…

  6. tigtog, internet hugs if you want ‘em, being a carer is a hell of a job, however much you love the people you’re caring for. I’m looking forward to doing as little as possible over the break and probably sleeping a lot. I’ve got a vet’s visit tomorrow and the groceries to buy, but otherwise it’s some much-needed rest here, too. So far I’m finding the most annoying thing about pain that’s becoming chronic (where can one trade in one’s legs?) is how tiring it is. Weirdly, it has an upside: I can’t focus on it and stress issues at the same time, so it’s like a distraction. 😛
    Here’s an adorable otter for you:

    • Thanks for your kindness, all.
      I’m just trying to get through one day at a time.

      • To add to my logistics nightmares, Hoyden has been nominated for the Writers Centre #bestblogs13, and they’re meant to be looking at the site later today, and it’s still unavailable. No pressure then.

  7. Good luck tigtog!
    My plans for Easter are chocolate, work and sleep, ’cause I’m not near the family.

  8. Happy Easter Hoydens! I am so not going to read the link tigtog just posted, and am going to go finish my Easter baking instead. I am making a cherry cheesecake and white chocolate coffee cake.

  9. The most disgusting thing about that Rochester professor is that before it became an oh-so-shocking thought experiment from a philosophy dudebro, this was a real thing some doctors (surgeons) did to their patients, with that exact reasoning.

  10. Ok, read it now. I have read this guy’s book More Sex is Safer Sex, in which he applies the ‘power of economics’ to various subjects and comes to controversial conclusions like that we should not ban child labour in developing countries. Most of his arguments have gaping holes in them like this one does, and I got the impression he just likes to create a stir.

  11. Oh, that scumbag. Yes, I saw that via Feministe. There isn’t language sufficiently bad to describe him.
    Turning 180° *crosses fingers that the character map sign for degrees pastes here* I’ve a new blog post up. Very little to read, but a new-from-scratch pic of Mr Kittehs (Whovians, yes that is the leather jacket it looks like) and a painting of him c. 1650 I stumbled upon on the BBC’s Your Paintings site. Curse you, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, I’ve visited you three times since 1989 and all that time you’ve been hiding a pic of Himself and never told me! *gnashes teeth*

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