Media Circus: Off-shore Hellholes and Budget Black Holes edition

If you didn’t catch the Four Corners special on Australia’s off-shore asylum-seekers processing centres last night, catch up with it on iView.  Truly a must-see, although I sadly fear that the news of “any reasonable option” being back on the budget table, whether it had previously been ruled out or not, will overshadow its exposure.

As usual, the topic of these media-circus posts is just a discussion-starter. Please discuss any sociopolitical issue currently making the news, or highlight egregious churnalism and those far too rare instances where the MSM rises above it.

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  1. So, Tony Abbott’s proposed paid maternity leave scheme is to encourage “women of calibre” to have babies. Anyone else have that feeling that he’s not talking about you? He is not talking about me…

  2. And in light of the rescues of Amanda Berry, Michele Knight and Gina DeJesus (and it would appear two daughters they bore whilst held captive), former abductee Elizabeth Smart explains why “a girl’s virginity is a precious gift” type of attitudes limited her ability to make an escape from her captor:

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