Whimsy: Author sucked into own novel wishes he was better at writing women

From the (Onion-like) The Beaverton:

After being magically trapped inside his latest novel, author Kyle Rapoport maligned [I think they mean ‘lamented’ – Ed.] his inability to properly write and develop female characters.

“At first I was so excited to be in this world that I created and meet all my characters. But when I got here I discovered that the men were all nuanced and complex, with elaborate backstories and clearly defined personalities, while the women were just two dimensional, undeveloped blobs.”

Rapoport’s story follows a young man as he navigates his way through work, life and love, eventually growing into a fully-realized adult. Tentatively entitled Undiscovered County, the novel is slated to be released in late 2013 and features several female characters, all of whom now disgust him.

“Take Teresa for instance,” said Rapoport, referring to the ex-girlfriend of main character Jesper Barr, “all she does is dump Barr at the beginning of the book and then show up at the end to try to win him back. That’s all she does! I don’t even think I gave her a job or hobby or last name. You know how brutal it is trying to have a conversation with someone who has no personality?”

… Reached for comment, the women of Rapoport’s novel flipped their hair and giggled.

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  1. I did enjoy that. Am now fantasising what the women of A Song Of Ice And Fire might do to George RR Martin if he suddenly appeared in their midst.

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