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It’s a new blog! Full of secular women!

Why not check feministhivemind.com out?

Some recent posts:

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  1. I read the Dear Daddy one. Not sure whether to scream with feminist outrage or cry for her.

  2. Thanks very much for the plug, tigtog. Although the writers are from various countries, there’s the usual US predominance which is especially noticeable in the post on the US’ First Amendment. Most of the writers are associated with PZ Myers’ blog Pharyngula, which also assisted with the naming; “echo chamber” and “Horde” were also considered!

    • Xanthë, I’m sending you an email on this as well, but I’m noticing a few configuration issues on the site, particularly with all trackbacks/stats-referrers etc saying that they’re coming from [www.domainname/slug] but only links without the www. actually working [domainname.slug] – all the links with www. prepended return a “the server at http://www.domainname is not responding” error. That’s a fairly easy config fix that needs sorting, because you’ll be missing traffic if people are are continually getting that error and not realising that deleting the www. will get them the page they’re looking for.

  3. Sorry for being slow to respond, tigtog, I had a big concert on Sunday, and then had the usual post-gig wind-down leading to a shortage of spoons yesterday. I received your e-mail loud and clear, and have passed it on to the admin team for FH.

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