Whimsy: Nerdy Love Song

With Added Kitten Bonus.

Written and performed by TheRealDeAnne (who at certain moments makes me think that Mary Louise Parker has time-travelled back to her youth, and cut her hair).

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  1. I knew from the email summary the blog sent me about this post that it would be Deanne Smith before I clicked through.

    One of my favourite comedy performers, and a truly delightful person.

  2. That one got me giggling out loud. Gorgeous – particularly the kitten interrupting in the middle of things. Tips for ukelele players: remove cats from the vicinity
    (Wonder whether John Scalzi has that problem?)

  3. You know I have almost exactly the same experience with the Boy Who Will Not Sleep when I try and do yoga at home.

  4. The song is excellent but the kitten takes it to another level. My favourite bits are where the kitten yawns mid-frolic and, right up the end, where it makes an opportunistic jump at the uke to try and get some more action.

  5. Absolutely had to share this on facebook, btw!

  6. There was much mirth in the Mindy household tonight. We particularly liked the kitten. Oh apparently we also really liked the extremely clever song writing and performing. (fucking cat just jumps around and everyone goes hey look at the cat [apparently])

  7. (fucking cat just jumps around and everyone goes hey look at the cat [apparently])

    Heh. Last night we settle down to watch telly and Mads has to do THE KITTEN THING. I want to play with the ball! Now! Really playfully! Lookatmelookatmeiseveryonelookingatme? Oh good, now I can stop.

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