Otterday! And Open Thread.

Your open thread this weekend is hosted by two otters. Our first wee fellow was snapped by David Ellis

Small Clawed Asian Otter , swimming through green water and looking at the camera.

And our second, a juggling otter, by CloudTail.

Top half of an upright otter, juggling a small roundish stone with its paws. The stone is caught midair.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. We’re off to Avcon this morning. For the first time we are going altogether as a family. This could be interesting…

  2. That thing where you are sorting all your books into alphabetical order, taking out the duplicates (why did I end up with three copies of Agatha Christie’s The Hollow?), and putting them back on the shelves and you get to Y and realise that you put all the Sue Grafton’s in a different place to sort through before you put them back on the shelf and now you have to move half of them again to fit all the Sue Grafton’s on. That.

  3. It wasn’t too bad actually. Lots of daleks for the Red-headed Boy, lots of games for the Boy Who Will Not Sleep, and lots of merchandise for Madam. And lots of funky cosplay. Now I want to make costumes for next time.

  4. Today is a day for enjoying the relative quiet.
    I should explain. Himself and myself are currently occupying a couple of spare rooms in the home of Himself’s parents. The past two weeks have been… interesting, because the rest of Himself’s immediate family have been visiting from Sydney. This included Himself’s seven-year-old nephew, who is a seven-year-old boy, and more importantly, an only child (and as such, is convinced his role in life is to keep all the adults in range entertained and/or busy). The nephew, and his mother (Himself’s brother’s ex-partner) flew back home to Sydney yesterday.
    Of course, no joy is completely unalloyed – both Himself and Myself have whichever rhinovirus is currently going around, and we’re both coughing and snuffling all over the place – but it’s nice to be able to hear oneself think now and again.

  5. @Megpie71 – that sounds like an exact description of my daughter in the first few years of her life, when she was not only our only child, but also the only grandchild on both sides of the family.
    I hope those of you who have illnesses get well soon. We’ve just come out of a month of almost constant lurgies and I’m hoping that’s our lot for the winter…*crossing fingers and a few other parts as well*

  6. I’d like to sort our books properly, but we have weird bookcases with all different shelf heights, so it’s never been possible. I would like to do the sort by colour thing as it looks beautiful.

  7. Sorting by colour?
    Ooh. I would be seriously challenged to find anything after I had done that.
    Also, it would take forever to match the colours PROPERLY.
    I organise my books by subject. I have a large hardcover called “Shoes- a love story” that was given to me as a gift by a friend after I lent her Susan Faludi’s “Stiffed”. I put it in between Oscar Wilde and feminism. It’s not quite the right place, but where else would it go?

  8. Booksorting by alphabet or by colour? Blimey! Ours are sorted, or kindasorta sorted, by an untidy mix of read-state, genre, and owner. My medical books are one place, my read fiction is somewhere else mixed up with Partner’s read fiction, the Lad’s read fiction has its own spot, his unread fiction/nonfiction/picture books are in his room, my TBR bookcase is in my room (in approximate priority order, with nonfiction mostly separated onto its own shelf), cookbooks have their own bookcase, then I have the shelf in my bedhead for library books and immediate TBRs…

  9. Half my books are in boxes and most of the rest are double shelved in an almost completely random fashion – the victims of ongoing renovations related furniture moving and a shortage of walls on which to put bookshelves. I covet alphabetical ordering, or any ordering, or even just visibly shelved books. *sigh*

  10. It is only my fiction books which are alphabetized by author. I didn’t go for title as well, that was beyond me. But now I can actually get to the bookcases which is something that hasn’t been possible for many months.

  11. Mimbles, I feel your pain. I’m in the same situation and wondering if it will ever end.

  12. It is time to bid farewell to our beloved Brian’s Latest Comments plugin, the one which generated the lovely Recent Comments widget in the sidebar that we’ve had for all these years, because our database has grown too large and it was starting to slow down the whole blog and even crash the server. It was very nice while it lasted.

  13. 😦 for the plugin but pretty impressed that we are so big it doesn’t work anymore. Is Brian working on a better Latest Comments plugin do you know?

    • No, the last few versions of the plugin have been patches done by other people, and the last one of those was over 3 years ago. The WordPress core itself has changed the way it calls data too much for the original method the plugin used to still make sense.

  14. WordPress needs to get off my lawn! then. Obviously.

  15. Brian’s Latest Comments will be much missed. Vale.

  16. I might have a look at writing something with equivalent functionality, perhaps, but don’t hold your breath, I haven’t had coding time in some months.

  17. Would be nice if Brian & co had ever bothered to specify what licence it is distributed under. Since they appear not to have done so, it is therefore copyright all rights reserved and must be rewritten from scratch; I can’t even look at the code for fear of producing a derivative work.

  18. OK, I confess to skimming the code and finding that it is constructing its own SQL queries rather than using eg , so it ought not be too hard to produce a fairly decently improved version. As long as WordPress core’s implementation of get_comments is reasonable, but they ought to know how to write that kind of query well.

    • I think Jacques Chester took a similar look at it when it broke Ozblogistan after LP migrated there a coupla years back, he also concluded that something ought to be possible but that he didn’t have time to code it.

      • I suspect that the latest WordPress version changed something that made the plugin even more heavy-loading than it was before, which is why it suddenly started doing nasty things to the server starting a couple of weeks ago.

  19. This is pretty cool

  20. angharad, I like that. Maybe some of us middle-aged plump frumpy women could try out that role-reversal tactic with a degree of success too.
    Here’s a nice bit of role-reversal writing with respect to the boycott being urged against the movie Ender’s Game due to its author’s homophobic intolerance over many decades, and how he’s crying foul.
    I must admit that I do want to see how the Battle Room is rendered on the big screen, but I absolutely refuse to give Orson Scott Card any portion of my box-office dollars. I’ve waited nearly thirty years since I first read about it, I can wait a while longer until it rotates through on TV.

  21. I read some Orson Scott Card in my misspent youth, but then I heard he was a Mormon, and stopped reading in case it was catching.

  22. At the moment, the books I have available (and in a lot of ways, the ones I don’t have available) are sorted by size. This is because a size sort is the most convenient sort for books that have to be transported from one location to another in boxes. It’s easier to pack them that way.
    Most of my library is currently in storage in a shed somewhere semi-rural. I have about 58 books on hand at present (yes, I’ve just counted them, I am that anal…) not counting cookbooks, and they pretty much fill up the bookshelves I have available. I miss having my full library. *sigh*

  23. I’m having a lovely time in Queensland so far. Went to the Eumundi Markets today. Good thing I don’t live here, I’d be there all the time. Bought a gorgeous bracelet: ovals with famous pictures of women with cats (Renoir’s two, for instance). It’s big and chunky and I don’t even wear bracelets, but I Had To Have It. I’ll link a pic when I get home, if anyone’s interested.

  24. @Kittehserf Yes, pic please!
    Mr11 is away on a 4 day school excursion to Canberra. It is very quiet and restful around here, it’s amazing how much difference one child’s absence makes.

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