Sydney Femmosphere Meetup: Sunday August 18 in Enmore, come one, come all

Hoydens, Hoydenizans and other feminists on and offline are invited to a meetup this coming Sunday, August 18 2013.


Location: Warren View Hotel, 2 Stanmore Road, Enmore.

Date and time: Sunday 18th August, 12:00 noon, for chat and, if it suits you, lunch. A table in the name of  Hat (as in HaT) is booked for 12pm.

Who: There’s no level of existing involvement in the femmosphere required. Creators, commenters, lurkers, newcomers and familiar faces all welcome. Friends, partners and children all welcome.

RSVP: Leave a note in comments or email mindyhoyden at yahoo dot com dot au

Getting there

Public transport:

  • Bus: any of the 355, 423, 426, 428, L23, L28 and M30 to the stop on Enmore Road near the intersection of Enmore and Stanmore Roads.
  • Train: Newtown station (1km walk up Enmore Road or catch one of the buses above), and Stanmore station (1km walk along Holt Street and Stanmore Road) are the nearest stops. You can also change to several of the above buses at Railway Square near Central station.

Car parking: street parking may be available in back streets in the area but can be difficult to find.

Wheel accessibility

Details are sketchy. There is a lip on some of the doorways inside the hotel but apparently these are not very high. The paved garden/bistro area is rough in places but not inaccessible (apparently) and the person I spoke to isn’t sure if there is a dedicated disabled toilet.




A quick should-be-obvious: respect people’s pseudonyms. Many people will use their meatspace name at the meetup (although if you want to introduce yourself by a pseudonym feel free). That doesn’t mean you can use their meatspace name if you blog/tweet about the meetup.


Again, should-be-obvious: if you come to the event please do not take photographs of participants without their express permission (or that of their parent/guardian in the case of young children). In particular, if you’re intending to publish it on the web or elsewhere let them know before taking the photograph.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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8 replies

  1. I’d love to come! I am just up the road in Marrickville

  2. Would love to meet you Laurie 🙂

  3. Just realised I’ve said yes backchannel but not on your post!
    Yes, I will be there.

  4. Same here tigtog! Looking forward to hoydening tomorrow, see you there 🙂

  5. I had a lovely time today. Thank you all.

  6. Me too, lovely to meet everyone that I hadn’t met yet as well.

  7. So sorry to have missed this – was lurgified and unable to speak or get out of my pyjamas.

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