Otterday! And Open Thread.

Both otters are sad today. I dunno why; maybe they both just watched the most recent Offspring episode with me.

a sad-looking pink-nosed otter stands amongst a field of little white flowers

close-up profile of a sad-looking otter. Its paw is raised as if waving goodbye

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. The comments on this post by Greta Christina are kinda awesome: If You’re Getting Discouraged…

  2. I’ve bookmarked that post, Mimbles. I think I needed it, if only to see that the constant repetition of the same argument over and over and over and over and … (you get the picture) actually works in the long term. So I’m bookmarking it, as somewhere to come back to on those days when it seems like the arseholes never stop coming (they just re-emerge in new and more frustrating ways).
    Maybe we’re seeing the pre-extinction burst of sexism. I do hope so.

  3. My Liberal-voting uncle is visiting (from interstate), and, since he knows that I’m very vocally against the ALP/Coalition’s asylum seeker policies, questioned me on how I thought ‘the boats could be stopped’. I took the chance to explain that this isn’t actually the issue the Liberals/ALP have beaten it up to be, and explained both what the actual figures were (at first, he didn’t believe how low they were, until I explained that the figure he thought was the annual ‘boat people’ figure was actually the annual total migration figure), and how indefinite detention and the Nauru/PNG/Manus Island solutions were far more expensive than the more humane community processing options. I don’t know if I changed his mind, but I was able to correct most of his misconceptions and at least make him reconsider it in light of accurate information.

  4. Does anybody know if this article by Mike Carlton (the bit about Tony Abbott) is true or “satire”?

  5. @Schmeedle – it reads like satire to me…

  6. It’s definitely “satire”, but Mike Carlton’s twitter feed has been full of conversations with people who weren’t sure.

  7. Thanks mimbles and angharad – so much of it /could/ be true so I wasn’t 100% sure.

  8. This just happened at the Olympics. Hats off to those two women. And I hope they’ll be ok when the international cameras are off Russia.

  9. A note to anyone taking Naproxen: if you get any weird things happening health-wise while you’re on it, look up the side-effects. They’re … wide-ranging, shall we say. Queasiness? Lower back or abdominal pain after urination? Bloating after eating? Chest tightness? Cold symptoms? (That last one blew me away.) They’re all possible results and guess what, I have ALL of them at the moment. I stopped taking the damn things as soon as I found out, but oy, I do wish doctors would tell you up front about what this stuff can do – especially since I’m asthmatic and have liver disease.
    On a happier note, the Epic Brown Tunic is finshed at last and with a bit of luck I’ll get a decent photo of it done tomorrow. Speaking of photos, does anyone know why a digital camera might lose picture quality all of a sudden? It’s just a basic Olympus, there’s no changing of lenses or anything involved, but my pics – taken exactly as usual – were crapulous last night.

    • Kitteh, re the camera: how long since you last reformatted the memory card?

      • Wow. Someone with a TERF agenda noticed that the old domain (from before Pandagon moved to Raw Story) had expired, so they’ve grabbed it and created a site that looks like it’s been there for years, just so that they could post an “open statement from 37 radical feminists from ?ve countries. August 12, 2013″ on Forbidden Discourse: The Silencing of Feminist Criticism of “Gender” that is supposedly signed by well-known names identifying as “1960s radical feminists and current activists” – given the level of deception already employed just to create the site so that it looked like Amanda could possibly have posted this, I’m wondering whether any of those 37 supposed signatories know/knew anything at all about this letter, and am reserving judgement pending the further investigation that is no doubt occurring in multiple corners of the ‘net right now.
        Amanda’s statement at Pandagon on Raw Story

  10. tigtog – reformatting memory cards is a thing?
    /camera ignoramus

  11. Aha! Thanks for that tip, tigtog. I’ve formatted the card. Fingers crossed!
    In the meantime, this is the photoshopped version of the tunic pic I took this morning.

  12. “The Pope is a lot like Doctor Who. He never dies, just keeps being replaced by white men.” Phil Wang – one of the top ten funniest jokes at this years Edinburgh Fringe
    Kitteh, if reformatting it doesn’t work, it’s worth knowing that digital cameras have lifespans and eventually wear out and need replaced. For me, it’s tended to be the focusing mechanism, so you get increasingly blurry pics. One of the ways that I can tell this is happening is to try out different focus settings (like macro etc), as I sometimes find that one setting will go before the others, usually the one I use most. Theoretically, I presume you can get this fixed, but I’ve never owned cameras that cost enough to make this worthwhile. (I take photos for work, sometimes up to a 1000 a day, so my cameras gets hard usage, usually in macro settings).

  13. Thanks, Feminist Avatar! My camera’s only about a year old and doesn’t get heavy usage at all, so with any luck the formatting will have fixed it. I haven’t had time to test the results yet, but here’s hoping.

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