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Policymic asks What would it look like if we turned the Daily Mail’s sexism around on men? The captions for the photos aren’t too bad I thought, but do illustrate the ridiculousness of the whole thing. But what I really enjoyed were the comments, especially those from the dudebros who just didn’t get it.

Was this supposed to be a “see how it feels” article?

These headlines were just standard tabloid fare.

I don’t see the point. Am I missing something?

You need better objectification skills. Men are objectified but not nearly as much solely because women need more psychological attraction and men are more visually stimulated.
If the Daily Mail objectified Men it’d be sweet. Men wouldn’t care but actually be proud that strangers want them as a sexual piece of meat.
Being a sex object would be awsome and I envy the men who are. Women ought to just enjoy the attention for what it is. Cheap Sleazy entertainment.
I would hazard a guess that most men (particularly married ones whose wives constantly watch/read this crap ) wouldn’t mind if the entirely field of “entertainment journalism” was drawn, quartered, burned at the stake, quartered again, stomped on repeatedly and then dissolved in acid– and they don’t care whose wearing what leopard skin tights when it happens. Even if a few were interested, they can probably see them completely naked somewhere on the Internet

This is a problem women have complete control over.
Oh and lets not mention the facebook witchhunt banning anything remotely resembling criticism of women while allowing the exact same content as long as it was directed towards males.

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  1. A friend of mine wrote that article! I thought it was pretty great.

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