Otterday! And Open Thread, as the otter said to the gull

Today’s Open thread is hosted by this sea otter and a gull.

a floating sea otter pokes it head up above the water, mouth open. Nearby is a mottled brown and cream gull, floating on the water

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Quick reminder for Sydneysiders: Global Rhythms is on today. Prince Alfred Park (near Central Station), from 1pm, free and family-friendly!

  2. Was looking forward to it Orlando but child is ill. Dammit!

    Have a good day.

  3. That’s it, Maddie is officially a Rude Cat.
    Other night, she’s sitting bolt upright on her Ignoring Television seat (aka the record cabinet) and looking displeased ‘cos her sheepskin rug hasn’t been put there.
    “Sorry, sorry,” sez I, getting the rug. But when I turn back to the Ignoring seat, Maddie isn’t sitting there: she’s turned around and is mooning me.
    Little guttersnipe, I don’t know where she gets it from.

  4. Greetings,
    this seems an appropriate place to link otter related news. perhaps you will enjoy…

  5. Breakfast of champions coke zero and a bacon roll. Hopefully enough to get me through today.

  6. Berocca and panadol for breakfast. 3 days until my thesis is due at the printer. Wavering between complete apathy and complete panic.

  7. Our ‘Hits of the 70s’ set went well at the Crows Nest Street Festival. Have just got home and am about to collapse into some bubbles.

  8. Congratulations, tigtog. I hope you found space for both the kind you sit in and the kind you imbibe.

    • Only imbibing so far. Maybe I’ll indulge in some bubble bath tomorrow.
      They rejinked the set list a few days ago so that I had the opening number. Nerves wound me up so that although I hit the notes OK I was less relaxed than I could have been and so sounded a bit tight/forced, and I raced through the song a wee bit too. Oh well, these are the things you learn not to do in future by doing them at least once, I guess.

  9. Well done TT, good luck Amazing Kim.

  10. When you find out that one of your friends doesn’t believe in climate change and another agrees with Mia Freedman. Why must I Monday?

    • I can imagine that there’s a moderate number of things on which I might agree with Mia Freedman, they’re just not the sort of thing she writes her columns about. From the sound of it, your friend was agreeing with one of her columns, so that’s a shame.
      I bite my tongue around the rellos who don’t accept climate change etc when I can’t avoid them (because I’m not going to change their mind, and I’d distress other rellos if we gog into a dingdong), and there are some friends who I just can’t feel as close to any more because of revelations like this, so we don’t hang around so much as we once did. The musos I’m hanging around with right now don’t talk politics at all, and I appreciate that, because I suspect there’s a few of them whom I’d differ with if we did, and it’s nice to have a politics-free zone where we just let the music do the talking.

  11. Yeah I’m at the muting and or just going to bed stage. With the Mia Freedman thing I think it is wanting to have some illusion of being able to protect our kids still. Plus not having been as immersed in the feminist stuff. I hope to be able to help my kids identify the real shitbags out there so that they can avoid them if possible and ‘cockblock’ them as well if necessary and they are able to. I figure that gives them some weapons in their arsenal rather than advice not to consume alcohol which they should be able to do in a responsible manner if they so choose.

  12. I’ve been out of action the past few weeks after a GP fucked up treating my tibial stress fracture so badly that I developed deep vein thrombosis as a result, spent a week in hospital, and am still off work and on daily injections of Clexane two and a half weeks later. My doctors have told me that the Clexane will almost certainly interfere with the medication I take for my chronic illness, and possibly cause a relapse. This time next month I am/was supposed to be running a conference in Cairns. I am SO unimpressed right now. I’m currently trying to work out how to word a letter of complaint to the practice manager of the clinic I saw that GP at.

  13. What a horrid experience, Merinnan.
    Did anyone watch “Lennon Naked”? (Starring Christopher Eccelston, will be on ABC iview the next fortnight). I think I would find CE as Lennon too distracting to get much either way?

  14. Merinnan that sounds horrible. I hope it all comes right soon.
    Our house is a house of plague at the moment – two kids with chicken pox and the one who is young enough to get the vaccine on the schedule has a cold.
    I think this woman is a candidate for a Friday Hoyden

  15. Thanks, and me too. I’ve just had to arrange to permanently hand over my conference role to a colleague because I don’t know if I’ll have recovered enough in time. I’ve been working on this since last September, so I’m feeling a bit bummed that I won’t get to see the end result.
    And that sounds awful, angharad. I hope they don’t have it too severely and that they recover soon.

  16. “Hits of the 70s” – what was the set list TT? I’m curious – and apologies if you’ve already described it in another thread.

    • Helen, the full set list for the Annandale Hotel gig in November is 30 songs – three for each year of the decade. What we did last Sunday was just a taster of 12 of the songs.
      Full set list follows (with my contributions marked V, mio sposo (D) plays keys or bass on various songs, not always the ones I’m singing on (there’s about 20 of us all together, with a rotating cast for each song)):
      THE LETTER – Joe Cocker
      UP AROUND THE BEND – Credence Clearwater Revival (D – Bass)
      WHOLE LOTTA LOVE – Led Zeppelin
      BLACK DOG – Led Zeppelin (V – LV)
      RIDERS ON THE STORM – The Doors (D – keys, V – percussion (rainstick))
      LISTEN TO THE MUSIC – Doobie Bros (V – BV)
      HIGHWAY STAR – Deep Purple (D – keys)
      SCHOOL’S OUT- Alice Cooper (D – bass)
      CHINA GROVE – Doobie Bros (V – BV)
      SUPERSTITION – Stevie Wonder (V – LV)
      SWEET HOME ALABAMA – Lynyrd Skynyrd (V – BV, D – keys)
      DREAMER – Supertramp (V – LV, D – Keys 2)
      THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT – KC and the Sunshine Band
      WHEN WILL I BE LOVED – Linda Ronstadt
      FEEL LIKE MAKING LOVE – Bad Company (V – BV)
      DISCO INFERNO – The Trammps
      MAMMA MIA – ABBA (V – duet LV)
      MAGIC MAN – Heart (V – LV)
      COLD AS ICE – Foreigner (D – Keys)
      LIDO SHUFFLE – Boz Scaggs (V – BV)
      JUST WHAT I NEEDED – The Cars (V – BV)
      HOLD THE LINE – Toto (D – Keys)
      YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT – Grease Soundtrack (V – BV)
      DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY – Van Halen
      MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE – The Police (V – LV)
      RHIANNON – Fleetwood Mac (D – Bass)

  17. Wow fan..tas..tic!
    Wish I could come along.

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