Signal Boost – Climate Day of Action

The online activist group Get Up! is partnering with the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union (FBEU), Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Environment Victoria, OxfamAustralia and the Australian Greens Party to make clear, that the majority of all Australians wants climate action.

On November 17th they are launching the National Day of Climate Action all across Australia. This Sunday there will be huge rallies across the country, in every capital city, but also in hundreds of regional towns.

They want us to turn up the heat on Climate Action by wearing red, orange and yellow clothes, and you are welcome to come up with other creative ideas as well, like facepaint, signs, banners, hats, umbrellas etc.

You can visit to support Get Up! and make a statement against climate change.

What: National Day of Climate Action

When: November 17th, 11am

Where: Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills (Sydney) and all around Australia

Here is a link to the GetUp page that lets you look up your nearest event.

And here is the video GetUp has made to accompany the drive for action:

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  1. The Melbourne event is at Treasury Place park at 11 am.
    My mum is going and she’s 92. Watch out for a white haired oldster with a wheelie walker!

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