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  1. Our family went to the Doctor Who exhibition at the ABC in Ultimo, Sydney today. It’s not large but it was great fun for photo ops with the TARDIS and being surrounded by Doctor Who everything and there were comfy chairs. Tired after the day out I decided on fish-fingers as the simple option for dinner – so now hubby is cooking some custard from scratch for the occasion.

  2. Mad excitement in the angharad household, but I am not allowed to get up and watch it first thing tomorrow, because Mr angharad is taking the kids to see it at a local cinema.

  3. Sorry, that could have been clearer. Mr a is going to an afternoon session and he doesn’t want to risk any spoilers beforehand.

  4. Much excitement here, but I’ll be seeing the 7.30 repeat. I’m not getting up at 6.50 on a Sunday morning for anything short of Mr Kitteh’s earthly reappearance!

  5. I did get up early, although not quite at 6:50 – just as well I recorded it.
    I liked it on first watching. Seemed to strike the special-episode balance between mainstream appeal and fandom moments quite well. Looking forward to watching it again so I can notice more beyond the basic narrative.

  6. I’m really looking forward to seeing David Bradley playing William Hartnell. Seen him as a villain in so many things over the years (and took until now to learn his name: he’s always been “Rogue Riderhood”) so it’ll be cool to see him in a very different role.

  7. What on earth triggered the moderation filter in Dr Who comment? O_O

  8. I liked the little self-referential moments myself. And the special guest at the end, and all that he implied. But was mildly irritated by the big flappy thing left hanging.

  9. I liked it. The husband liked it. And the kids liked it.
    Lots of action, angst and laughs in all the right places. A piece of entertainment that worked. Not that keen on Queen Stacy the First going all mushy and wanting to marry the Doctor – seemed a bit awkward for one of Britain’s finest feminists.
    Oh, well… Tom Baker more than made up for any niggles. Lovely!

  10. tigtog – I have regenerated! :O
    I liked the little in-jokes too, especially “Cromer” from Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. The Brigadier was always one of my favourite characters.
    Thoroughly enjoyed both shows; the only thing I found a bit disappointing was that Reece Shearsmith as Patrick Troughton looked like a fan dressed up. OTOH David Bradley was great as William Hartnell, and Claudia Grant could have been Carole Ann Ford’s twin. 🙂

  11. I haven’t seen the second show (the historidrama about the early days of Doctor Who, yes?) yet. The family had a busy day in multiple directions yesterday from about 9am, so we haven’t all been sitting down together to see it.

  12. That’s the one! Hope I haven’t dropped any spoilers.

  13. So any sniff of who the 13th Dr is yet? I was wondering if in the flash ups of all the Drs there might have been one we haven’t seen yet but I haven’t been back to look.
    I enjoyed the following bit about the beginning of Dr Who. Very well done.

  14. Mindy, the Doctor who identified himself as Thirteen, or as the thirteenth there, or something, had the eyes of:
    Peter Capaldi, whose casting as the next Doctor has been public for a few months.

  15. Ah yes of course I forgot about Capaldi.

  16. Re my impressions, overall, I guess it depends on what you mean by mainstream appeal! If you mean someone like me who has only dabbled in New Who (I think I’ve watched six or seven eps, distributed over all the new seasons)… eh. It would have been very inexplicable watching it without a fan! On the other hand, having it stand alone to someone who is really only vaguely familiar with even recent plot arcs, while still being interesting to fans as well, is a very tall order, so, I don’t mind.
    Random thoughts (I am very capable of fannish meta about stuff I don’t know well…):
    The treaty, if any, worked out between the humans and the Zygons seemed dropped on the floor, as did any effect what I interpreted as Osgood and Zygon!Osgood apparently conspiratorially working out which one of them was a Zygon (because one of them had an inhaler and one didn’t). If Osgood doesn’t show up again, the time spent on her in this episode seems weird.
    I ended up feeling really sorry for Nine as regards what he believed the fate of Gallifrey to be. (That said, they all showed up to hide Gallifrey and it’s not at all clear which of them knew what about what they were doing.)
    Have people seen that a very short (teasers/spoilers at link!) teaser trailer for Christmas has come out?

  17. Has anyone seen ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Rebooted’? I can’t, on the iPad, and don’t understand what that is about.
    Spoilers for An Adventure in Space and Time

    I found it interesting how the BBC seemed to be going for the whole diversity thing, with a female producer and Indian director, although it also seemed obvious that women who aren’t white would have been completely ignored.
    The show seemed to pretty much ignore the possibility of sexism, which I found a bit unfortunate. Verity Lambert came across as a one-off. I have no doubt she was exceptional, but that’s because I believe she would have had to be, to overcome sexist assumptions. Instead, I thought the show gave the impression that Verity Lambert was a one-off because talented women are rare, which I think (at this point, when we do have some examples of successful women) reinforces sexism. That whole “let’s ignore social forces and pressure women to Try Harder, because that’s clearly the reason there are fewer women in positions of power and influence”.

  18. BTW, I was wondering about whether we were all going to have to move Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve up a digit on the incarnation counter to make sense of John Hurt’s Doctor, but apparently the consensus (at least on Wikipedia) is that they all still stay the number they are and we are to call him the War Doctor. Make a note.

  19. tigtog, same on the Tardis Data Core wiki which seems to be the central (or best SEO-ed) of the Doctor Who wikis. I think it would have to be so, purely pragmatically. Archive of Our Own, for example, has more than five thousand fanworks tagged Eleventh Doctor, and if there was a renumbering, that would become ambiguous between portrayed-by-Tennant and portrayed-by-Smith, and there’s no way people will all re-tag.
    Will be interesting to see whether the forthcoming Christmas regeneration is treated as the actual Big Deal Death of Twelve though. It probably should be, since the War Doctor was again named Doctor before his end.

  20. AotQ I have just watched it, it is really rather awesome. The link is here for those who can watch it.

  21. I enjoyed it, but I was very confused.
    I completely accepted John Hurt as The Doctor despite the fact he has never been near a Tardis before this: because if John Hurt wants to be A Doctor and let me watch him acting with David Tennant and Matt Smith he absolutely has my permission. But I found myself constantly saying “What? Huh? They never!”
    It was fun, but.
    Do do do do!

  22. The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot is wickedly funny and has a rather more impressive cast list than TDotD! (It can also be torrented, which is what I did this morning.)

  23. I liked it. It set up the character of the Doctor, moving forward, to be more like what I want the Doctor to be. For some reason, though, it didn’t have the zing that I usually get with Doctor Who episodes. Not sure what that’s all about.

  24. I’d dearly love to have seen Amy in this, rather than Clara. Not so much an anti-Clara sentiment as a pro-Amy one; I think an interaction between her and a Doctor as broken down as John Hurt’s would have been something special.

  25. I agree with you SunlessNick. Clara is a bit of a nonentity to me (she seems to have a slightly different personality in every episode), while Amy has, on many occasions, brought out the humanity of the Doctor.

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