Does not compute

From my inbox. Certain words have been munged because they are likely to trigger penalising algorithms for search engine rankings sensitive to keyword spam.

Here are a few ideas that I feel will blend in perfectly with the flavour of your website:

10 Really Bold Men’s Sw*mwear Styles
15 M*sculine Fr*grances Every Man Should Try
Must-Have H*liday Acc*ssories
Mad*nna’s Most Daring Looks

I have keenly followed your site for some time now and hence have a precise idea of the kind of articles you prefer.

For some reason, I don’t think my unsolicited correspondent is telling me the entire truth about xir diligence in background research.

Some related reading –

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9 replies

  1. Well I guess my post on 9 really bold men’s *wi*wear styles will just have to stay in draft now 😦
    I also may not be telling the truth.

  2. ::sporfle:: Spammers really don’t bother, do they? Mine’s all about as irrelevant as can be, and one that told me my spelling and grammar were dire was just off-the-planet stupid.

  3. H*liday Acc*ssories

    I wackyparsed this as “Holiday Access Stories”, and thought “Finally! Tales of not being about to roll around the shops anymore, because of all the Xmas paraphernalia and piles of boxes and misplaced displays, are going mainstream!”
    But no.

  4. Just realised that I inexplicably failed to enclose the spam in arsehat tags. I blame the energy I’ve had to expend today dragging my jaw around on the floor.

  5. p.s. It’s the “hence” that really gets me.

  6. For a short while I was getting spam from a Romanian laboratory glassware firm. That was a least somewhat interesting…

  7. Oh Tigtog, I just realised that you actually have an arsehat tag, and it’s a smiley-face that looks like it’s wearing an arsehat. I think I can die happily now. 😀

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