Femmostroppo Reader 17th March 2014

I think I may have finally sussed out a way to make generating these link-lists easy again, although it’s still a bit more work than my much-missed Google-Reader Shared-Links plugin, that Google killed off. However, Pocket + Feedly seems to be OK in at least generating a list of links I can copy-paste without too much faffing around.

Those who follow me on Twitter may have already seen a fair few of these:


So, what have you found worth reading/hatereading lately?

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  1. Oops, missed this one –

    Your periodic reminder that the stereotype of the antisocial male geek programmer was purposely built in the 1960s: <a href="http://t.co/VkRhqVWJzk&mdash” rel=”nofollow”>http://t.co/VkRhqVWJzk&mdash; Joan Wolkerstorfer (@joanwolk) March 15, 2014

  2. That’s an interesting one, tigtog. I think it was in Pythagoras’ Trousers by Margaret Wertheim that I read that science was once the same way. By once I mean in the seventeenth century when it was just getting started. Back then it was recommended as suitable study for gentlewomen of an intellectual bent as it did not require a university education (ie a thorough study of the classics) in order to get by, and was not regarded as a grave or serious subject. Likewise natural philosophers were encouraged to seek out noblewomen as patrons. Only later, in the eighteenth century, when science began to acquire more prestige did it become ‘more of a guy thing’.

  3. A very short list of links related to the coining of TERF by tigtog and Lauredhel:
    1. tigtog, Carnivalia, transgenderism and the gender binary (Hoyden about Town, 17 August 2008)
    2. Tracey, Excluding, Judging, and Shaming Women is Anti-Feminist (Unapologetically Female, 18 August 2008)
    3. tigtog, An apology and a promise (Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog, 19 August 2008)
    4. Cristan Williams, TERF: Where the term comes from (The TERFs, 11 October 2013)
    5. Cristan Williams, TERF: what it means and where it came from (The Transadvocate, 15 March 2014)
    (Feel free to edit my comment to add any more that seem relevant – Xanthë)

  4. I always enjoy these links round-ups, tt. Many thanks for posting them.

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