12 Bar Bliss

It’s a long time since I’ve mucked around with the delightful variations possible within the classic 12 bar blues format, but that’s what my music program has been focussed on for the last few weeks.

It’s so much bloody fun. Especially since I get permission (encouragement even!) to unleash the Big Bad Vibrato (especially during the middle 8) instead of keeping it politely confined as they usually want me to.

Tomorrow I go and get my flu vaccination so that I stave off a winter like last year and keep the pipes in tip top condition.

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  1. P.S. and tonight my darling and I are seeing Hugh Laurie play the blues at the State Theatre. Whee!

  2. You’ve probably already seen this…. elephant blues.

  3. Aaaahhh! I’m sorry, off topic, but I get a lot of “hey you are clicking too fast on our links for a human” messages instead of loaded web pages and it’s really annoying. 😦 This doesn’t happen to any of the other websites I visit that use anti-DDOS software – is it possible to tweak the settings? My habit is to visit once per week, read the blog home page and open tabs for posts I want to read based on the summaries. And apparently this means I click too fast and then I’m blocked for several minutes and it’s just arrgh.

  4. I do have things shut down pretty tight right now, because there have been some especially broad DDoS attacks going on lately. I’ll take a look at the settings, but I’m not promising you that I’ll be willing to tweak them all that much. If I feel that I can do it safely then I will.

  5. btw TimT, I just caught up with that elephant blues video. I’m especially impressed with how Peter the elephant is timing his trunk-hits on the keyboard – he’s obviously aware that rhythm is happening and trying to follow the pattern.

    • oh and also? The Coppper Bottom Band was absolutely amazing – I’m so glad I saw that poster and managed to get tix for the final night of the tour.

    • Had a great band session yesterday, and surprised myself a tad with How Blue Can You Get. I done pretty darn good.

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