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Male modesty: do too many men ignore the need for modesty when dressing? This blogger thinks so. 

(edited) While googling men in suits I found this:

We specialise in uninvited appearances in unexpected places at unscheduled times singing inappropriate songs to unsuspecting audiences.

Also this.

But I do think there is something special about a nicely cut man in a nicely cut suit.

man in suit 5

man in suit 4man in suit 3

man in suit 2

man in suit 1

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  1. You know, now that I think about it, it’s really inappropriate for men to wear suits to work and funerals.
    I am somewhat conflicted over suggesting the idea that Idris Elba should stop wearing suits.

  2. There must be something in the air, we’re having a conversation on WHTM about what we find attractive in a man, and it’s partly morphed into a Dude Clothing conversation! 😀
    I must confess suits don’t generally do much for me; I love me some fine men’s knitwear, though (be that “fine knitwear” or “fine men,” either applies).

  3. Belatedly adding, that blog is wonderful
    OMG that picture of Gregory Peck!

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