Music Legend Moment: BB King And The Broken String

One of BB King’s signature tunes is How Blue Can You Get, a perfect showcase for his lyrical soloes on “Lucille”, the famous Gibson guitar.  In this 6-ish minute version from his appearance at Farm Aid 1985, the opening solo goes for over 3 minutes, and I have a sneaking suspicion he only stops to move on to the singing section because of Lucille’s broken string.  That he then sings while restringing Lucille without missing a beat is just ridiculously amazing. The rest of the band ain’t too shabby either.


Because I’m rehearsing for an upcoming Blues show, I’m chasing up classic versions of various songs, and that’s how I found this. For anyone who has never yet played/sung the blues, I recommend it. The simple structures allow for a great deal of artistic freedom within those rules, and make for most enjoyable ensemble work because your bandmates are constantly bringing out little surprises.

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