Otterday! And Open Thread

Are you feeling a bit like this this morning?

closeup of the face of an otter who is lying on a rock in the sun. Its eyes are squinted shut as if very tired

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Me too. We have been the House of Plague for what feels like half the school holidays so far. I am in jammies, tucked under doona, kitties and Butter Menthols to hand. Child is being ill out in the living room, where he has set up a cocoon on the recliner. Ugh. Hack. Splorg.

  2. Oh yes, me too/still. At least my pinched spinal nerve has relinquished it’s grip on my shoulderblade now, but I’m still waking up with splorg-hack phlegm every morning. Do Not Like.

  3. I’m actually not feeling too bad (but then, I always seem to be a bit out of synch with things *grin*). Mind you, Saturday is my lazy day (my revenge for ten years of retail mostly working Thursday nights and Saturday mornings/Saturdays) so I’ve only just got dressed and am finally reaching the point where I can consider housework (at 1pm). Spent the morning playing a little “match three” game I downloaded last night (“Village Quest” is the name).

    House of plague here too.
    If you’re looking for something to read on your sick bed, give this a whirl.

  5. Have any of you seen this new TV show? It’s set in the UK, and it’s about the romantic adventures of Clara, a young teacher who’s sassy and flirty, and the guy she fancies, Danny, who’s all frowny and pouty, and who is also a teacher, of MATHS (that’s very important), at the same school.
    It’s so funny! ‘Cos she likes him and he likes her and they go out on dates! And there’s so much drama! ‘Cos she likes him and he likes her and they go out on dates! And Clara’s all sassy and flirty and looks at Danny with big eyes, and Danny’s all frowny and pouty and looks at Clara with-puppy-dog-eyes! And it’s sooo sad, because Danny used to be a soldier, and it made him sad, and people are mean to him about it which isn’t fair because he didn’t have a choice (they still have conscription in England, right?) and when people are mean to him he looks so sad, and sometimes a single tear will roll down his cheek, that’s how sad he is. And it’s so not fair, ‘cos he gives up his free time to train kids how to be like little soldiers and he is really just a little boy inside and still people are mean to him.
    Oh, and there’s another character called The Doctor. But he’s not important.

  6. To all of you feeling poorly, best wishes! Hope you feel better soon.
    Tigtog, nerve pain, urgh.
    Megpie71, retail? Argh! *runs away*

  7. It was a girl’s night in for me and Ms 8 last night as the boys were both away. Thanks to daylight saving she thinks we went to bed at 10.15pm (although 9.15pm is still well past her bed time). She feels very cool at the moment.
    We are the house of the mild cold at the moment. Cold and flu drugs and afternoon snoozes are doing the job.
    I hope all those fighting off the really nasty lurgies get plenty of rest this weekend.

  8. Had tremendous drama at The Hospital this week. Family member has been crook, gets sent to radiology, bam, In The Hospital, has to have surgery. Two options from the surgeons – the surgery is tremendously high risk given his state of health and might kill him; without it he’ll be in a wheelchair. CHOOSE.
    We asked if there was third option where he wins a million dollars and goes to Disneyland, but apparently, no.
    (Had surgery, thankfully is alive.)
    I had that otter’s expression for at least two days after.

  9. We had the lurgy in a couple of weeks ago, and I’m really hoping that’s the worst of it over for the winter. We had weather warm enough for outdoor swimming yesterday, so The Boy Who Will Not Sleep and I had a nice afternoon at the local pool. I hope you all get over your ooglies soon.

  10. Best wishes and virtual chicken soup to everyone suffering from the unwells.

  11. Glory glory to South Sydney.

    • I didn’t watch the match or check the result, but when I went out for a short drive this morning and saw quite a few folks happily sporting Rabbitohs jerseys or carflags, and not a smidge of blue and white to be seen anywhere, I made a Sherlockian deduction from the facts before me.
      Yay the Bunnies!

  12. Well apparently a mild cold can quickly turn into mild flu, sinus infection and bronchitis. On the plus side thanks to Unions I have paid sick leave. Yay Unions.

  13. First beach swim of the season complete! I think it was the baby’s first time in the ocean too. It motivated her attempts at crawling… vertically up me, away from the water.

  14. @eilish, Sorry to hear about your family medical emergency. It sucks that decisions like that have to be made when you’re most distressed. Hope your family member continues to get better and you all get all the support etc that you need from the medicos and family, friends etc.

  15. So Doctor Who is now peddling ant-abortion propaganda, is it? *vomits wrathfully*

  16. *spoilers for recent Doctor Who*

    I thought the point of the show was not about abortion, but about genocide, and pre-emptive genocide at that. It was strongly emphasised that the creature was the last of its kind. I thought the Doctor was bowing out of the decision because of his history with genocide. And I was rather happy about the Bechdeliciousness of the ep!

  17. Humanity wasn’t in the position of the hatchling’s mother, so I don’t see it as about abortion. Although some of the rhetoric was certainly evocative of anti-choicers, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them latching onto it.
    As far as the Doctor’s departure goes, I see it as him thinking it a decision too big for him to make on humanity’s behalf.
    It would be an interesting development if this really is the last we see of Clara (I don’t recall seeing her in the “next on” snippet).

  18. *Spoilers Sweetie*
    I thought it was about genocide too, although I wasn’t too happy about how it played out. Specifically, how Clara basically decided to go against the vote of the whole human race, regardless of whether that was the ‘right’ decision or not. It’s not clear to me how humanity gets to go forward on a whole new basis from that. I also think that they could have paid more attention to Chloe’s opinion, as she was someone with a very direct stake in the near future of Earth.
    Also what was with the whole ‘we are the last astronauts, we had to cobble together a shuttle from museum parts’ and yet there was a moon base?

  19. I am having Serious Qualms about the new series of the Doctor. The actors are great: and I get why the writers are making the companions smarter. But I really miss the old series Doctor’s mysterious infallibility.
    In the ‘Robin Hood’ episode, Clara’s dress was fabulous, but the Doctor did not come off well. A time traveller who didn’t believe that Robin Hood might have had a basis in history, however tenuous? He came off like my dad. My dad is a terribly amusing person if you are watching him from a distance, but I have to say there are serious problems often when you are dealing with him up close. I wouldn’t hop in a Tardis with him under any circumstances.
    I am finding I only watch the Doctor rarely.
    It’s probably because I am no longer Young. But extremely disappointing given I hum the theme song at the slightest pretext.
    @calcifer: sadly, the prognosis isn’t good. I was struck by the difference in perspective for us and the medical team: for us it was paralysing and emotionally devastating; for them, it was a road block. They have how many? people waiting for surgery, and there we were dithering.If my brother wasn’t going to be on the table that day, he would lose his place in the queue. A very different perspective.
    I remember vividly the doctor in the emergency ward telling us my mother’s body was failing, and we would have to decide whether to put her on life support. She was so matter of fact.(I was angry at the lack of compassion I perceived, but I was also aware that in order to continue doing the work, people have to harden themselves.) My dad wasn’t wearing his hearing aid and I had to shout “She’s dying, Dad!” after which we had a really loud conversation about how mum wouldn’t want a feeding peg. (I still want to apologise to everyone else in the emergency ward.) The funny thing was, the doctor looked at me as if I had committed a serious social faux pas.
    It’s funny now.

  20. I’m sorry about the prognosis eilish, and your experience in the ward.

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