Quickhit: Another Woman Appointed To High Court

New High Court judge Michelle Gordon lauded as a ‘fabulous’ lawyer and jurist:

Justice Gordon, 50, has deliberately kept a low public profile. Following the announcement of her appoint to the bench on Tuesday, she declined interviews and requests to pose for photographs.

Her philosophy was best spelt out in the speech she gave when she was sworn in as a Federal Court judge in 2007. “As those who know me, I abhor publicity and attention,” she said. “I believe that professionally a person should be judged by the nature and quality of their work, and not by any other fact or matter.”

This appointment will keep both the state balance and the gender balance stable compared to immediately prior to Justice Susan Crennan’s retirement earlier in the year (Justice Crennan was replaced by Justice Geoffrey Nettle; both are also Victorian).

Justice Gordon is aged 51, meaning she has 19 years of service ahead of her as a jurist before hitting 70, the Constitutional retirement age for federal judges.

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  1. Good news all around. Thanks tigtog 🙂

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