How To Deny Men’s Sexism

Inspired by a conversation elsewhere…

how to deny mens sexism. see post for description

Image description: A rectangle roughly the shape of a book cover, with a sepia background. It is covered with red and black text in the style of the text of the cover of Joanna Russ’s “How To Suppress Women’s Writing”. Text is as follows:

“He wrote it, but he didn’t mean it. (Poor dear.)
He wrote it, but he’s just repeating what he’s heard elsewhere. (Just give him time!)
He wrote it, but now this is just a reverse-sexist lynch mob. (So I’m on his side now.)
He wrote it, but he was a product of his time. (Everyone was like this back then. There was no feminism.)
He wrote it, but it’s not like he has any influence. (Just ignore him, he’ll go away.)
He wrote it, but he didn’t realise it was offensive. (So why are you taking offence?)
He wrote it, but he’s an anomaly. (‪#‎notallmen‬)

He wrote it BUT…

(in bold) How To Deny Men’s Sexism”

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  1. You have my vibes, for whateverthehell conversation prompted this.

  2. Actually the conversation was pretty fine, which is why I haven’t linked it – this was a tangent in my own head.

  3. This wasn’t inspired by Tim Hunt, by any chance, was it?

  4. This is being discussed over on Pharyngula, though for some reason the “Who Shall Remain Nameless” effect is in place.

    I particularly like this quote, by someone I shall name: anteprepro.

    The interesting thing is how common these defenses are, and how they explode each other to smithereens when they contact each other.

    The first’s “Just Jesting” gently jabs at the sixth’s “Meant No Offense” defense.
    There is a frantic melee between the second’s “Everyone Else Was Doing It”, the seventh’s “#NotAllMen”, and the fourth’s “It’s Just An Old People Thing”.
    The second and fourth, reflective of the power culture has all over us all, occasionally clatter blades with the fifth’s declaration of “This Man Is Actually An Island”.

    The only one not in combat is the Reverse-Sexist Lynch Mob, the Evil Matriarchal Queen of all of the arguments. She just watches and bathes in the blood, ready to show all of the other arguments that they are inferior and unnecessary, if she is ever summoned.


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