Friday Hoyden: “Mama” Cass Elliott

Just look at her fancy white-booted footwork in this clip of The Mamas and the Papas performing “Dancin’ in the Street”.

I wish my feet were that funky. I also love this Flower Power photo, taken by by Jerry Schatzberg in 1967.

A paleskinned fat woman with dark hair lies front-down and naked upon a bed of white daisy-like flowers. Her head is held high with a wide smile looking into the camera. We can see her head, one shoulder, a bit of buttock, and her feet up in the air. One hand is just visible holding a flower next to her face, and we see another flower held between her toes so it lies just on the sole of one foot.

How gorgeous is the flower crown?

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  1. She’s Charlestoning!

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