Let’s have a shameless self-promotion session

Book cover showing woman releasing falcon. Text: Shakespeare and the Shrew

For a short time, Palgrave Macmillan is offering a discount on e-books, which includes mine. So if you’ve ever been curious, but put off by the giddying price, now is the time to grab it. Here’s where you can buy it.

This opportunity made me think about what a long time it is since we offered a platform for people to promote their work or projects.

Many of the people who cross these pages are writers, artists or performers. Most of us have something on the go. I think it’s time we devoted a space to letting everyone else know what we’re working on, that they could get behind.

So if you have

  • a book
  • a gig
  • a play
  • a website
  • a company
  • an invention
  • a hire-able talent

post it here, and let us all have a look at it.

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  1. You can find some of my mediaeval and Renaissance recipes here: http://cooks.lochac.sca.org/recipes-and-redactions-by-lady-angharad-gam/

  2. I’m still using my blog The Conversationalist: http://www.transcendancing.net/ as a place of all things, but more often it’s about my yearly theme exploration and book reviews, sometimes cooking and meal planning, and sometimes I still write specifically about feminism and the internet.

  3. I just returned to blogging after a six year hiatus, and much of my current traffic is from Australia, so I thought I’d mention to anyone interested in finding more blogs to read that I’m back at it.

    <a href="https://cafephilos.wordpress.com/"<Cafe Philos

    Also, I would love to have suggestions of good, top notch Australian blogs to read. Most of the Australian blogs I used to read are sadly no longer active. Help! I need new ones!

    @Transcendancing: Got your blog bookmarked! Thanks!

    • Hi Paul, thanks for your link. My best possible recommendation to you is to drop in on the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival (#DUFC) each month. Once a month a host blog curates and collates writing from women in Australia and New Zealand. The host site rotates, but it’s always arranged by Chally at zeroatthebone.wordpress.com

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