is Bunny Of Disappointmentthe reaction of the neighbourhood mooch-cat to finding that the interesting pile on the kitchen floor is only locks of hair from the buzzcut I gave my son this morning instead of something delicious.

“To tell of disappointment and misery, to thicken the darkness of futurity, and perplex the labyrinth of uncertainty, has been always a delicious employment of the poets”

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

While looking for a suitable illustration for “Disappointment”1 I discovered that Cape Disappointment in Washington (state) was so named in 1788 because it was discovered by a British sea captain who was searching for the fabled River of the West and was disappointed when he did not discover a wide river mouth. There are several other Cape Disappointments which undoubtedly have similarly dismal reasons for their name. There’s also a Mount Disappointment in California, which turned out to not be the highest mountain in the area after all, not to be confused with the Mount Disappointment in Victoria, which disappointed Hume and Hovell by not having a view of their coastal destination from its peak. I was also reminded of the Great Disappointment of 1844.

Cape Disappointment (WA) has a rather fine lighthouse, but not to my eye as fine as the New Dungeness Light Station (also in Washington State) where a FOAF (Friend of a Friend) is involved with the restoration project and is hoping that they win a competition for new windows from this company that gives one lighthouse new windows every year. Go vote for the New Dungeness light to be this year’s recipient of a metric buttload of the glazier’s art, please.

The beach below the lighthouse at Cape Disappointment is Waikiki Beach, just to be confusing. There’s some fine photos of the waves pounding the sand and rocks here.

1. Image Credit: The Bunny of Disappointment. Found all over the Internets, originated here (cached page).

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  1. Oh dear. I hope s/he gets to ascend a Mount Consolation soon -perhaps around suppertime.

  2. Our mooch-cat is in no danger of immediate starvation, Su.
    This is him reacting to us cooking some bacon last weekend. He’s not only a cheeky sod, he’s an extremely well fed cheeky sod.

  3. Awww cute. What- WHAT? Iz doin chinups.

  4. Any tour of the world including Mount Disappointment and the various Capes Disappointment (if the major tour companies aren’t offering it yet, they should be) should also include the postcode Mount Debatable and the WA town of Useless Loop.

  5. There’s a Mount Buggery, too, isn’t there, somewhere?
    I am very disappointed today as I logged into Netbank and discovered a double pay. On ringing work I’m told that it’s an accounting error, not an unexpected bonus. Gah!

  6. Bugger!
    And yes, there is indeed a Mount Buggery. Wikipedia has a picture titled “View of Mount Buggery and Cross Cut Saw from Mount Speculation” which makes one to ponder on what those timbercutting pioneers got up to around their campfires, yes it does.

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