Sunset by Turner

Sunset by Turner III

This was taken on a sunset whale-watching cruise last Friday evening, off Port Macquarie. It had been overcast all day, but the sky cleared just before we went out except for leaving enough clouds in the west to produce this luridly glorious sunset.

I took many photos of humpback whales just cruising along, heading north for the winter. They didn’t do any spectacular antics for us, just moved steadily on at a distance, but oh they were lovely.


The seabirds and river-birds were a bit more accommodating antics-wise. The full set of cruise pics is here.


And just what does one call it when an aquatic bird stops flying to settle on the water? “Landing” seems technically inadequate.

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  1. Mmm, I grew up near Port Macquarie; you get some gorgeous sunsets there. 🙂
    here’s a picture I took a few years ago. And here’s one I took at Rawdon Island– a little way up the Hastings River from Port Macquarie– last Christmas. In the latter picture, the mountain just off the middle of the shot is the same one as in the bottom left hand corner of Turner’s picture.

  2. I left this comment on your picture at Flickr, but I think I took a shot of the exact same ship at that jetty last week. Very picturesque. I like the Rawdon Island one too, and that someone initially thought it was an English landscape!
    I thought of you while I was up there – I love the Northern Rivers, the contrast of the hilly hinterlands marching west away from the river plains, and the terrific contrasts in the light that result. It was a very relaxing holiday.

  3. P.S. It was of course this particular sunset by Turner of which I was reminded – The Fighting Temeraire.

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