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7 responses to “Scrotes Oot F’t’ Lads!”

  1. M-H

    You made me laugh out loud with this. Walls of balls… :) But now the laughing’s over I’m in despair. I think the colour pink has been ruined for me forever by all the crap breast cancer stuff it has come to represent. And none of any of this will prevent a single women becoming ill or a single death.

    M-H’s last blog post..Do you have a sixteen year-old in your home?

  2. Darlene

    Dongers for Doodle Cancer. Tee hee.

    It’s easy to feel suspicious of the motivations for the (over)emphasis on breast cancer.

    It’s pink (girly and unthreatening), they are boobs (woo hoo) and a woman who manages to get treatment early doesn’t lose her boobs (woo hoo and thank God she doesn’t lose her femininity and all that).

    After my mum was diagnosed with stomach cancer late last year (they got it early and she’s fine), I said to her, “where there’s campaign for tummy cancer?”

    Of course, imagine the mainstream media showing women’s stomachs. After all, most women have cuddly tums.

  3. Darlene

    There are boobs, that should have said.

    I wonder if Bitch magazine is aware of this campaign.

  4. annaham

    I would rather not put a gigantic girly razor with four blades anywhere near my chest, or any other parts of me. Eeek.

    annaham’s last blog post..HAY GUYZ, Guess What’s Back en vogue?

  5. blue milk

    Lauredhel you keep uncovering these extraordinarily sexist things and I wonder how we would ever paradoy these times when the reality is just so completely insane. Good post, as always.

    blue milk’s last blog post..Co-sleeping, breastfeeding, and losing your mind

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