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5 responses to “What would Anna Bligh do?”

  1. highlyeccentric

    she is openly pro-choice; has spent the bulk of her relationship to her partner unmarried to him; is a mother to two children and a successful politician;

    I’m sorry, but how is being unmarried, or having been in a defacto relationship, a feminist credential? Obviously it’s a great thing that unmarried-but-coupled women can hold office, but Anna Bligh’s relationship status should have no bearing on either her political capability or her feminist credential.

    Thinking that being unmarried or having been unmarried makes a woman a better feminist role model is merely a political inversion of the sort of right-wing thinking which holds up a married woman as a better role model.

    Likewise, the fact of having been raised by a single mother ought to be an interesting biographical fact, not in any way a credential.

  2. geek anachronism

    if you think staying unmarried is not at all relevant to feminism, you’re naive. The societal pressure to marry is a feminist issue.

    And I didn’t see the unmarried = better feminist/politician…

    As for Bligh, she’s fucking awesome. I am sick to death of snarky bullshit about Gillard’s appearance though. Can you imagine the uproar if she’d come in looking like Bligh, but without the work behind it? Hypocritical bullshit at it’s finest.

  3. Merryn

    I live in Brisbane about 2 blocks from the flood line, so I’ve been watching a lot of Anna’s press conferences. She has been very impressive – calm, compassionate, not appearing to be trying to hide information or exaggerate, very much on top of the details. The general impression is of a genuine and competent person. She has also been very quick to remind people focussed on Brisbane and Ipswich, that there are still many other areas that are still in great need and that they must receive the support they need.

  4. Meg

    I’ve always maintained that Anna Bligh herself isn’t all that bad, but Peter Beattie was and got out at exactly the right time.

    Bligh has had to deal with all sorts of issues that were really rooted in the previous government and macro events (the GFC, Gordon Nuttall, corruption, why the Govt at the time flew Dr Patel out of the country). Beattie never faced the heat for those things and he should have.

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