Thursday Cheezburger – Popular Culture

Today’s LOL theme is: Popular culture. Find your favorite movie or song themed lol.

Funny Pictures - Darth Vader Cat
caption I find your lack of cats Disturbing

funny pictures - Indiana Claws  and The Sofa of Doom
caption Indiana Claws and The Sofa of Doom

Post your own favourite in-theme Cheez here, and wait for admin image magic to make it appear.

Please post a link to a FULL webpage, rather than a direct link to an image only – that is, no URLs with .jpg, .png, .gif (etc) on the end. This makes our admin image magic quicker and easier. Just copy and paste what’s in your URL bar, and we’ll go fetch the embed code. **If you post the embed code, it will be automatically stripped out.** Thanks!

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2 replies

  1. caption: Bring it on Pikachu!!
    I love this one. 😛 Electro!Kitty

    caption: Bargon wanchi kox paa, Solo! Hoo hoo hoo hoo.
    I was wrong, I love all the cheezburgers.

  2. Goan to Jrassik Park… BRB
    From 2010 in Review: Teh Yeer in Mewvies Starring LOLCats

    I is Fuzz Lightyear
    From Kittehs Celebrayt teh Releese ob teh New Harry Potter Film

    What do you mean “fly to Hogwarts”? Why can’t we just email him the damn thing?

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