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  1. Napalmnacey
    Napalmnacey at |

    I love the movie and I have an eternal crush on Colin Firth. ETERNAL.

  2. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    Is Colin Firth blogging ever gratuitous?

    1. Uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted.
    2. Given or done free of charge.

    Never lacking good reason, uncalled for or unwarranted. But given or done free of charge, okay. I’ll allow it. *swans off majestically [after checking correct spelling of majestically]*

    [swans back temporarily]
    @Napalmnacey – me too! I adore him from afar.
    [off again]

  3. Rebekka
    Rebekka at |

    Me three!

  4. Sanna
    Sanna at |

    Mindy, I was about to say the same thing! Nothing gratuoitous about him. In fact, I would have thought he’s and essential part of a balanced diet…

    I also liked the Pride and Prejudice connections. Maybe they’re contractually bound to include some in all his films?

  5. Mary Tracy
    Mary Tracy at |

    I loved the neat little touch of not quite reuniting Lizzy and Darcy by casting Jennifer Ehle as Myrtle Logue

    I didn’t. It meant they had to “age” Jennifer Ehle approximately 40 years. Which bears the question, couldn’t they find an older actress? Also, I’m beginning to get tired of seeing Helena Bonham Carter everywhere. It has a distinct whiff of “it’s not how good you are but who you know that matters”. There are other British actresses after all.

  6. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    We first saw all the characters in 1925, and the titular speech was made in 1939.
    Bertie was 30 in 1925, and was 44 by 1939. Colin Firth is 50.
    Elizabeth was 25 in 1925, 39 by 1939. Helena Bonham Carter is 44.
    Lionel Logue was 45 in 1925, 59 by 1939. Geoffrey Rush is 60.
    Myrtle Logue was 38 in 1925, 52 by 1939. Jennifer Ehle is 41.
    “David” was 31 in 1925, and 45 by 1939. Guy Pearce is 43.
    So, some of the actors were closer to the closing age of their characters, others closer to the opening age of their characters. They all had to be seen to age by 14 years during the film. Why single out Ehle?

    As for Bonham-Carter, I don’t agree that she isn’t “good”. I think she’s brilliant, and totally deserved her BAFTA. Just maybe other people agree with me! Enough so that she is in fact a legitimate box office draw in her own right, and somebody who earned a spot in a top-flight ensemble cast. Also, while there may indeed be other actresses, there aren’t *that* many who look that much like this portrait.

  7. Mary Tracy
    Mary Tracy at |

    Oh I totally agree that she’s brilliant. But the curse of actors in the age of modern media is that they get seen over and over again by millions of people. In this case it becomes harde not to see Bellatrix Lestrange when I look at Elizabeth.

    I didn’t imagine for a second that Myrtle Logue was supposed to be 52 at the most. Ehle was aged to look at least ten years older than that.

  8. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    We might have to agree to disagree re the aging of Ehle. She had a few lines around the eyes and mouth, and a little silver in the hair. I’ve had silver in my hair since I was 42, so I hardly find that alone to be indicating a much older age. Methinks we’re just accustomed to most people hiding their silver these days, when back then it happened much less often.

  9. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Oscars tonight – GO TEAM FIRTH!

  10. Napalmnacey
    Napalmnacey at |

    I am never not on Team Firth. :D TEAM FIRTH, TEAM FIRTH!!

  11. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Heh, BBC Comedy’s getting in on Oscar’s Fever, just tweeted:

    bbccomedy: Mumble a lot? Hung like a Darcy? Up for an #Oscar tonight? Take our How Colin Firth Are You quiz:

    I got 72%: Good but you’re a little bit too Hollywood to be Firth. You even sound American. Are you Hugh Laurie?

  12. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    P.S. Can’t believe nobody squeed here yet after the award ceremony – YAY FIRTH!

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