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10 responses to “Friday Hoyden: Sady Doyle”

  1. Deborah

    I love this line in Sady Doyle’s piece, in talking about the feminist blogs she loves, including HaT, of course!

    Their writing felt vital and rare.


  2. Aqua, of the Questioners

    I think I know what she means…

    I happen to be reading a book of essays at the moment (Simon Leys “The Hall of Uselessness”). I don’t think I’ve read anything extended from the straight white male academic perspective since I got into feminist blogs, and it’s shocking (to me anyway) how boring and unchallenging I’m finding SL. And there’s the game of Fun! Feminist! Bogglement! which I might write up in more detail sometime.

  3. Perla

    This was a great reminder that I don’t have to desire and spend romantic and/or sexual-type time with anyone and everyone who wants me in that way. Even though I am a woman and whatnot, I still don’t have to reciprocate attraction! And I can dislike things that other nerds* like!

    *I’m defining myself here, not Sady.

  4. Perla

    Sorry, all. I meant ““Elitism:” Now, It Basically Just Means “Not Having Sex With Everybody””. For some reason, I get the lost otter signal when I try to post the link.

  5. tigtog

    Let’s see if I can post the direct link, Perla!

    (Yep, that worked – I’ve added it to your comments above as well)

  6. orlando

    I miss Sady on Tiger Beatdown. She has put together an excellent group of writers there, but it’s just not the same as when I could count on my rant fix.

    I think the post that brought me to her blog was this one on the “Because, Um… Girl”, when I was trying to negotiate the sort of thing she describes with some dude friends of my own.

    That was quite early on, and then she got really high-profile, allowing me to feel smug about being ahead of the pack for once.

  7. Tanglethis

    I was just thinking of this one the other day: Hektor, an adorable puppy, explains to a deleted commenter why he got deleted.

    My favorite lines are all about the puppy (“What is that, opposite stairs?”) but the conceit–that a dog who is fairly new to the world and fairly stupid about many things can still figure out the basic logical holes in Deleted Comment, because its argument is even stupider and more unsophisticated than a dog–cracked me up and remains with me still.

  8. Siobhan

    I love all Sady’s posts, and second the missing her on TBD. Yes, the others are great, but Sady made me LAUGH. A LOT.

    I have a total love-hate relationship with Ayn Rand, yes her philosophy was vile, but I do love her fiction. And Sady made me laugh my butt off with this one.

  9. OtherBecky

    Running Toward the Gunshots: A Few Words About Joan of Arc is one of my favorites. As is her post from day 4 of #MooreAndMe. The epic smackdown of Freddie, and the “I’m Sady Fucking Doyle” post that followed it, were also pretty awesome.

  10. Perla

    Thanks tigtog! Sorry about that.

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