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  1. Mindy
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    But I like to think that things like stalking and harassment should be addressed and dealt with whenever we can, and to the best of our individual ability. I know that everyone has their limits, and not everyone can deal with directly addressing this problem. You should definitely pick your battles. But you’ll never win the war unless you fight sometime. Always keeping your head down, sticking to “the work” as if it will go away if you ever get the guts to look up, is not only harmful to you, it’s nothing like respect, and it enables the cycle of emotional violence to continue.

    Colleen Doran

    From here.

  2. Mindy
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  3. Jo
    Jo at |

    Mary Beard is my hero. Just sayin’.

  4. ollie
    ollie at |

    Shameless indeed. I brazenly ignored my blog for a while and am recently getting back into it with some feminist reviews of girly films and some random thoughts on gendered aspects of my life.

    Legally Blonde

    Bride Wars

    Rape Jokes

    Anticipating Panto

  5. Roger Jones
    Roger Jones at |

    Terrible argument against the label “wicked” problems, using wicked witches pejoratively to denote evil, malfeasance and irrationality promoted by Paul Harris on the Conversation. I have a go at it but don’t think it should be allowed to stand unchallenged.

  6. angharad
    angharad at |

    I’m with you Jo. Mary Beard was awesome.

    I can’t believe they’re making such a fuss about her in the UK. I always had the impression they were much more relaxed (compared to the US say) about putting unconventionally attractive people on camera.

  7. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    I just watched the lastlatest episode of Mary Beard’s show Meet The Romans tonight. I don’t much care how she looks, I do care more how she thinks, and apart from that she looks like a perfectly normal elderlyolder woman who is probably quite a bit fitter than most of her critics, seeing as she’s willing to cycle around Rome (lots of hills).

  8. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    I thought historians were allowed to be a little bit dusty and eccentric. I will not allow history to be sexed up!

    Mary Beard is excited and enthusiastic about history and says interesting stuff in a way that makes you want to go there and see it for yourself (or me at least). She is everything a historian on TV should be.

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