Blogiversary! and hoydens carrying an axe!

Blogiversary was actually yesterday, and I forgot. Fortuitously, I was reorganising my images folder and came across this idea I had ages ago, and today I felt it was rather symbolic of the last 6 years of blogging. Thanks so much to all of you who continue to drop by here to read and comment.

Lucy Lawless as Xena the Warrior Princess (TV Show) - she is wearing minimal leather armour and holding a stone axe with a fiercely determined expression on her face

Xena with a stone battle axe

Top Panel : Rose  gets a fire axe Bottom Panel: Rose wades through icy water in the sinking Titanic with the axe so she can save Jack

Rose saves Jack with a fire axe

Jessica Alba in a screenshot from the movie *An Invisible Sign* - she has her hair in bunches, is wearing a winter coat and a shoulder bag and is holding an axe while smiling

Jessica Alba takes an axe to school in the movie *An Invisible Sign* for no good reason - and it doesn't end well

A young pale-skinned woman with golden-brown hair tied back in a ponytail stands on a stage holding a very large bladed axe with a long handle.  She is wearing anime-style school uniform - white blouse, red tie, short red tartan pleated skirted, white over-knee socks and flat shoes.

Fierce cosplayer(?) with a serious battleaxe - source unknown

A bronze statue in the open air - a woman in mediaeval European dress holds a battle standard in one hand and wields her hatchet with the other.  Her expression is one of calm determination.

Statue of Jeanne Hachette ('Jean the Hatchet') - her heroism prevented the capture of Beauvais in 1472.

Audrey Hepburn is standing on some logs in the middle of a frozen snowy lumber yard.  Her shoulders are bare because she is wearing an elegant apricot evening gown, complete with satin slippers and elbow gloves.  Her hair is swept up into a complicated hairdo and held back with something shiny.  In her left hand she is holding a traditional lumberjack axe resting gently against a log.

Audrey Hepburn wears a sleeveless evening gown and elbow gloves in a snowy lumber yard (as you do) while nonchalantly holding an axe

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17 replies

  1. Happy Blogivesary Hoydens. Here’s to many more years *clink*

  2. Happy Blogiversary!

    The pictures made me think of Buffy.

  3. YES, BUFFY. This pic.

  4. Thanks for the Buffy pic – image magicked it for you!
    Any other photos of awesome women with axes, please drop a link, everybody (full web page, not just the image URL).

  5. Happy blogiversary! Thanks for all the writing, sharing, moderating and commentariat awesomeness you’ve provided over the years!
    May I present mini-Buffy – my daughter when she was 7.

  6. I think at this point I have to stretch the idea of “axe” enough to include Susan Sto Helit with Death’s scythe.

  7. This is where need a like button! Happy Blogiversary!

  8. Congratulations Hoydens!
    I’ve pulled out a few battleaxes (hah!) I found via Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor:

    (it’s the second from the left, bottom row here:

    (it’s also the second from the left, bottom row, in this post:

  9. Congrats! (Also, do you ever remember the blogiversary on time? :P)
    Love the hoydens with axes. Every one I thought of was already here though. Gonna have to make a D&D fighter with a battleaxe after all this inspiration.

  10. The one pic I want that I can’t find is Sylvia Noble (Donna’s mum) saving Wilf from the smog-car by smashing the windscreen with that axe she keeps by the front door (as you do).

  11. Yay! Happy Blogiversary!
    Love the pics.
    However – grammar quibble (because I know you love such things – so it’s actually my blogiversary present 😉 ) – shouldn’t it be “carrying axes”? They are not all carrying the same axe :p

  12. Ooh, pedantry! What a lovely blogiversary present, especially when it’s so very perspicacious – I’d thank you profusely were I not so crushed by the shame.

  13. Happy blogiversary HaT! Loving the axes as I’m currently re-watching Buffy on DVD!

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