Hello Hoydenizens

The main blog is down because an emergency server migration was required. It’s currently in progress and as soon as the DNS nameserver changes have propagated it should be visible to all again.

In the meantime, welcome back to Larvatus Prodeo!

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  1. Heh, I was thinking things must be bad if we are in exile now! Hope the repointing the thingydowhatchamacalit isn’t too painful.

    • Nah, that’s a simple configuration tweak. Now it’s just a waiting game for the change to propagate across the interwebs.

  2. The DNS change still hasn’t propagated to my corner of the Internet. Thanks for the update on how things are going.

  3. FYI: the webhost still hasn’t completed the server migration. They’re having a really bad time with this one. So I’m sure everything will flip back to working eventually, but at this rate it might not be until tomorrow.

  4. Curse you, you made me succumb and sign up for twitter.

    • You didn’t have to sign up just to see what I tweet you know! You can just go look at the tweet-stream page – the only things you see extra if you’ve got a twitter account are the options to retweet/reply etc.

  5. So anyway, this thing is taking for damn ever. I can see some of my websites on this server, but something weird is going on with hoyden itself.

  6. OK, I just spoke to them and they simply hadn’t got around to uploading Hoyden from the backups yet – they’d done the smaller sites first LOLSOB (backups rather than straight migration because there was a catastrophic failure on the old server just days before the upgrade-migration was meant to happen).
    So they’re fast-tracking hoyden’s return and are hopeful that it should be up in a few hours, propagation willing.

  7. OK, the site’s sorta half-back – the front page is half-loading for me, but none of the sidebar widgets which are generated within the CMS are showing and I can’t log in to the dashboard yet. I’m going to wait for half an hour or so to be sure that they’ve finished uploading all the files and then I’ll try again.

  8. The site’s there but it’s an older backup – seems to lack the most recent posts and comments.
    This image seems apropos: <a href="https://hoydenabouttown.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/obama-maroney_meh.jpghttps://hoydenabouttown.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/obama-maroney_meh.jpg</a&gt; — meh!

    • It’s quite possible that the last few days of posts/comments won’t be recoverable, depending on when the lastest snapshot backup was taken.
      I’m still getting an ‘Allowed memory size exhausted’ error when I try to log in to the dashboard, and when I try to open some posts.
      I need lunch and copious cups of hot sweet tea.

      • *wishing delivery of tea and other sundry refreshments through USB port right now*

      • Argh – it’s teasing me! I deactivate a few plugins through the control panel and the sidebar widgets etc reappear, so I try to login to the blog backend. The login screen appears, hurrah! It appears to accept my login, Hurrah! Then I get the “Allowed memory size exhausted” error again. Bummer.

      • OK, the site appears to be back up now. It’s a bit basic compared to usual, but I’ll slowly add some features back in as I can.

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