Template tweaking

Making a few aesthetic changes, including a slightly larger font. It looks OK in Firefox and IE for me except for that block of whitespace above the sidebar to which Blogger is apparently deeply attached.

If anything makes your eyes hurt please let me know, as long as it doesn’t involve removing Mrs Peel.

UPDATE: a better template has been hunted down and ruthlessly groomed. Let me know if I missed a spot.

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6 replies

  1. Like the tongue 🙂

  2. Don’t we all?However, I think you meant 😛

  3. Looks great to me. (Mac, Safari.)

  4. I get weird wrapping in the view looking at individual entries. The sidebar is OK, until it extends beyond the bottom of the entry. Then it occupies the entire width of my window rather then just continuing down the right side of the screen. This isn’t a feature of the new layout; the old one did it too. And I’ve seen it in both Firefox and Safari, on Mac 10.3.9 and 10.4.5.

  5. Thanks for the feedback.The sidebar on this layout is annoying me lots. Emma might have to kick its lazy arse out and find a better groomed template.

  6. Hmmmph. Apparently IE hatesss my banner pic, and won’t show it to anybody, so I’ve got a nice blank black banner for anybody reading with IE. Well, you’re missing a great pic. Go download Mozilla Firefox web browser for free if you want to see it.

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