A work in progress

I finally decided that Blogspot and I had to go our separate ways. It’s nearly my first blog-anniversary, so a shiny new space seemed appropriate.

All the old stuff will still be archived at the original tigtogblog.

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  1. Thanks, Morgan.
    I already seem to have done something weird with my 2nd post though – the direct link works but it’s not showing up on the front page, nor is it appearing in response to hitting the category links.
    Further tweaking is required.

  2. Ta, Jennifer.
    I’ve sorted out the second post – I’d played with the timestamp just to see what would happen and, well, weird shit happened. Fixed now, I think.
    Next I want some code to insert that points to previous/next posts.

  3. Beautiful new blog. the only quibble… where’s Emma??

  4. Mazel tov on the new place, which looks great.
    My spouse just made me watch Conan for the first time (in truth, there’s no excuse for a B-movie Maven such as myself not to have seen it). Uh. Wow. I mean, I knew about the lamentations[1] of the women but just wow. Boots aplenty, though.
    [1] In fact, we have a dry-erase board in the kitchen where we write down groceries and things we need. I once wrote:
    Crushed tomatoes
    Which struck me as funny. So I wrote:
    Lamentations of tomato women
    Beneath it.
    The Zombie King then wrote:
    To see the broccoli driven before them.[2]
    [2] As you can see, it is fortunate from a genetic standpoint that we have concentrated the supernerdyness in one mating pair and that we do not plan on propogating.

  5. Helen, rude Emma will return once I’ve photoshopped her for a white background. That’s still Emma’s boots draped over the club chair in the banner though.
    Matilda, I for one would give good money to see your putative supernerdsprog hornswoggle his first schoolteachers.

  6. Congratulations on the move!

    WordPress is sooo much better 🙂

  7. Mrs Peel is back! Hoorah!

    Nice shiny new digs!

  8. Can I ask a dumb question, now that the move is official?
    What’s the RSS feed for this place? I’d like to add a syndicated feed to LJ for it.

  9. Vicki asked the same question over at the old place!
    A link to the RSS Feed is in the front page sidebar under the blogroll, put there automagically by WordPress. (I might move it up the bar) There’s a separate feed for posts and for comments:

  10. An excuse for a house-warming party! Yay …

  11. Not sure if it’s just me, but in trying to respond to your post on popping the question, etc., I can’t submit a comment. The submit button takes me to a feminist t-shirt website.
    I’m all for feminist t-shirts, mind you, just not when I want to comment on a blog!

  12. Thanks for the heads-up, Matilda. Fixed now, and turned off silly wysiwyg thingy too.

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