No, I don’t know why either

See, I was googling for pictures of a kids’ sack race, because I wanted to play Photoshop some and make a banner image for somebody. Well, this wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but I just had to share, mainly because it’s too disturbing to keep to myself.

I absolutely have no idea why the hell the time and effort spent to make this photo was undertaken (the picture is titled Sackrace, by the way), but the question I can’t get past is: why is that fellow third from the right in a glam rocker pose? Is this somebody’s satirical album cover shot?

Sack Race

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  1. Outtakes from “This is Spinal Tap”?

  2. Well, the guy on the far left is about to barf. Or something.

  3. I like their poppy-bud hats. They look like rejects from Flower Fairies of the Autumn.

  4. Excellent catch, Pav. They do too.

  5. I think the posing guy is the one with the undescended testicle.

  6. I think the posing guy is a girl.

  7. wow!
    don’t you want to know the story behind it? I do. the costumes are fabulous. I just want to know…. why

  8. Oh yes, speedy – I so want to know the story behind it, but thus far Google has not been my friend.

  9. I assumed it was to show that some guys have one that hangs lower similarly the guy with his legs kicked out is trying to show a “beer can” kind of wang, some lean down or to the right… I have to say, even if I wasn’t a lesbian, this would still gross me out- and it does.
    Haven’t you guys ever seen more than one penis?

  10. I grew up going to nudist clubs, so I’ve seen more penises than most, but I’d never thought of that explanation.

  11. Nerdgirl, I think you’ve hit on why they’re posed the way they are, and the colour variation. Now we just need to discover WHO?

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