I’m an auntie once more!

I have a new niece, delivered just on an hour ago by caesarean section. Her mum is still in recovery after the surgery.

Her nana says she’s beautiful, but I’ll have to wait for a little while to see her. I’ve found myself getting clucky lately in anticipation.

Said nana and partner papa now have 8 grandchildren, this making the fifth girl. The oldest grandchild is 19, and is half-sister to this newest niece.

I’m pretty sure that’s it for this generation.

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  1. Congratulations auntie tigtog! New babies in the family are always a nice time.

  2. Well, I’ve received the first photos now, bless Teh Internets. She is very sweet.

  3. Congratulations Auntie TigTog!
    My newest cousin was born a few weeks ago – 32 years after my brother, the oldest of the generation.

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