May my Kiwi readers forgive me

An hour ago I was standing on the promenade at Coogee above where Willie Mason was sunbathing below, skylarking (loudly) with a few fellow Kangaroos.

How did I know they were Kangaroos? They were wearing their team shorts. Wasn’t that helpful of them for those passing by?

Anyway, mea culpa: there were heavy things lying around, yet I didn’t drop anything on him.

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  1. I’m disappointed you didn’t perform an impromptu haka.
    (yes, yes, I know)

  2. The shorts make them easier to spot in the police lineup.

  3. Harry actually has a whole series, that started in 1956 with _Harry the Dirty Dog_ (Harry, a white dog with black spots, doesn’t want to take a bath, and buries the scrubbing brush in the back yard; gets very dirty and becomes a black dog with white spots; family doesn’t recognize him); continues in _No Roses for Harry_ (any kid who has gotten an atrocious sweater for Christmas from Grandma will appreciate this one); goes to _Harry By the Sea_ (Sea Slug!! Hot dogs!!! Family needs a bigger umbrella); and ends (I think) with _Harry and the Lady Next Door_ (she sings too loudly!)
    I had the first two books when I was kid. When Abigail was still a baby, I got a copy of a one-volume collection of the first three stories. Abigail and Evan love to read it as part of their bed-time routine.

  4. I think you meant to post that to the beach walk thread, Becca – I’ll repost it there for you.
    Here’s a link to two photos I took of the Kangaroos boys:
    On the rocks [link] after I’d seen the shorts and realised who they were.
    In the pool [link] when my eye was caught simply by the muscles.

  5. I must have walked past you, pushing the pram around for ten minutes while waiting for Rino to cook us a pizza. Didn’t see Mason, but Kangaroos are a risk you run in Coogee for much of the year. Worth it for a Rino’s mushroom pizza.

  6. I’ll have to try Rino’s, Glenn (though isn’t 10 in the morning a bit early for pizza?). When I eat at Coogee I tend to go for Bar Zura’s scrambled eggs, but I try not to eat there when I’ve gone for a bit of exercise.
    I agree it’s hard to wander around Coogee without seeing some sort of famous face. I just thought it amusing that they’re oh so nonchalantly sporting their team kit on the beach.
    Do they actually do beach training runs there as a team? I could understand it if the entire team were there in Kangaroos kit after a sand session, but if only three of you have gone for a beach run together, why wear the team kit?

  7. Yes, I can’t face a pizza that early – it was later on.
    The Kangaroos stay at the big hotel up from Barzura when playing in Sydney – the old Oceanic – can’t remember what it’s called now. I think they wear the kit out because it tells people they are Kangaroos, so they know to treat them with the customary deference.
    The evidence suggests they are bignoting halfwits and I didn’t really mind that the Poms rolled them last night. The game was the winner!

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