Friday Furry: awww (and a bonus Flickr Fluffy)

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Flickr Fluffy over the fold.

Originally uploaded by makeupanid

Found while flipping through the worldthroughmyeyes tag.

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  1. It’s a gorgeous nuthatch, isn’t it?
    Else, I think a lot of your photos would really fit into that worldthroughmyeyes group-tag. I usually don’t compliment them simply because I’m lost for words, but my you’ve taken some fabulous shots around Alice.
    Any reader who hasn’t sampled Elsewhere’s blog should hie thee hence for the current frontpage post full of the last three years of photos. Stunning. (and stay for the non-photo posts, too)

  2. Thanks, but what is the worldthroughmyeyes group-tag? Pardon my ignorance…

  3. Sorry else, I thought I typed up a reply to this and submitted it, but it’s not here, is it?
    Anyway, Flickr allows one to tag photos just like blog software allows one to tag posts with categories. Flickr just gives the choice for viewers of browsing the tags just for one Flickrer, or browsing a tag across all Flickr photos.(Other Flickr members can tag a photo through comments, too)
    People deliberately create a “pool” for various special tags, and add photos they come across that suit to the pool. It’s an interesting online community, and quite a few of the Sydney photobloggers are having fun with it, going on photo outings and comparing the results etc – they even had a joint exhibition a few months back.
    Some of the tags are prosaic (Beach, kids, pets) and some are more numinous – worldthroughmyeyes is one of the more numinous tags. I also like browsing the “wow” tag.

  4. Muskrat Love?! no, not that.
    anyway, cute.

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