Seeya Warnie

So Shane’s retiring. Enjoy your mooted commentary career, and try and behave yourself.

Georgina has a post up at LP, and Shaun has one up at Sidelined.

A lot of the commentary has been about his sexual infidelities, which don’t especially bother me – it’s a personal matter between him and his wife, and at least he seems to genuinely like the women he fools around with.

I was always more bothered by the bookmaking scandals and the drug-ban – unprofessional and unsportsmanlike, and a really bad example to young players looking up to him as the man who brought back spin.

A confusing character. A great bowler. Definitely will be missed.

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  1. What about the blaming his mum thing (additional to the drug ban scandal)? I thought that was worse.

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