Finally, A Feminism 101 blog

called Finally, A Feminism 101 blog.

This is an idea I kicked around with a few people in email about a year ago. At the time we let it slide because none of us wanted to write the original content for it.

But, reading through the various Blog Against Sexism posts I realised that there’s a lot of Feminism 101 posts/essays/articles out there: the writing’s already been done, and keeps on being done.

So, the blog has been revived. I envisage it as mostly a link-blog, with headings that constitute FAQs (and/or Frequently Whimpered Whines) at the basic theory level and links with in the post-body to other articles that answer the question. Once in a while an activist/solidarity post might appear.

Any suggestions for FAQs or FWWs and/or links to posts that answer them, please leave in comments here.

And yes, if any established feminist blogger/commentor wants to join in, let me know and I’ll add you to the blog-roster. It’s OK if I haven’t read your blog yet, as long as you’ve got links for me to follow.

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  1. Excellent!
    I don’t suppose you’d consider putting it somewhere with a comments feed? (Before it gets too big and unwieldy to do so?) Or do you envisage it as more of a one-to-many announce blog than a conversation?

  2. Good point. I guess I haven’t fully thought that through. I was sort of thinking of it as an announce/resource blog rather than a discussion site, but who knows?
    It’s easy enough to import what’s there to another site. One of the free WordPress sites, perhaps?

  3. Great idea!

    BTW: You can add a comments feed to a blogspot site by using haloscan.

  4. Love your work, tigtog.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, all.
    I’ll look into haloscan for comments, Cristy. That will mean I can do a nifty latest comments module on the sidebar too (if I ever get any – pout).
    I will stick with Blogger though, because from a Search Engine Optimisation point of view the propogation of links through Google’s spider is hard to beat, and the point of the blog is to promote the links to the relevant posts.


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