Ready – Set – Obstreperate!

A round-up of my favourite Blog Against Sexism posts, because as has been said on more than a few feminist blogs, every day is really Blog Against Sexism Day.

Shakespeare’s Sister: Today is also Blog Against Sexism Day, which I like to think of as Sad Irony Day””because basically the only people who participate in Blog Against Sexism Day are the people who blog against sexism every day, anyway. Wah wah wah.

Melissa does have a special BASD point, though:

That we’ve (mostly) achieved equality under the law and some semblance of sexual liberation doesn’t mean sexism is, like, so over. It means that those were the easiest things to accomplish.

The rest is a fuckload harder.

That leads in nicely to Roxanne‘s post listing just a few statistics from the UN shows just how Western-centric my own post below is. (Bioethicist Kevin T. Keith also posts the UN’s list but then goes on to expand on sexism as a healthcare issue)

I’m not going to apologise for concentrating on small everyday inequalities rather than gaping injustices. Opening up the Overton Window on sexism so that debate shifts from whether sexism exists to how even petty sexist behaviours injure relationships is not a bad thing, but the UN’s list does help to keep perspective*.

Helen, at Cast Iron Balcony and Road to Surfdom, picks up on a post by Pavlov’s Cat about a stunningly sexist ad from Dolce and Gabbana. If I owned any D&G I would have to toss it after reading this.

Ilyka, on pink products.

We understand you may have different needs from this product, but rather than do any research to find out what those needs are, we just went with pink.

Sage has put up a Feminism 101 post! She’s done it as an FAQ, and the first AQ is the best:

1. Why do feminists all disagree? Feminism isn’t a movement, it’s an argument!

We all want to raise the status of women to the level of men, to feel safe and respected, and to have a fair and equal chance for all our opinions to be heard. Since the movement is all about choice and the ability to make our own decision that affect us, then it’s necessarily going to be a group fraught with differences. We’re all making our own choices. That’s the commonality. Trying to actively be allowed these choices is the movement. Butting heads along the way from time to time is the reality.

Suki lists some IWD events taking place in Australia this year. We’re no.2 for the number of “official” IWD events after the UK, apparently.

* just a thought – feminists are often told to “keep a sense of perspective” when we point to Western sexism, because of the far greater oppression suffered by women in less technologically advanced countries (aka “wah! give us our gold star for not oppressing you as much as we could if we really wanted!”). I just realised that only looking at the big thing doesn’t give a “sense of perspective” – it’s looking at the big thing and the smaller thing together that brings the sense of perspective. So there.

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  1. And as I knew would happen, more that I forgot to add:
    Milby Daniels with sexism as played out on The L-word
    One for the guys by Inward Eye: a high snark quotient but good advice nonetheless.

    A lot of young men I’ve encountered at Naropa are unable to grasp that they have power. Some complain that women have more power because women are free to be emotionally expressive. That’s not power, that’s freedom to emote.

  2. …And a big, happy day-after-IWD to you tigtog.

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