A lode, a veritable trove, of anti-feminist misogyny

The entitlement! The paranoia! The simplistic stereotyping! The recitation of factoids with no cites whatever!

Every single post I have read on this blog would be a full week’s worth of discussion classes and an essay assignment in any Women’s Studies Class: I’m not linking directly to it – there’s a link to a search string you can follow at the bottom of the post.

A sampling from a few posts:

“Women who put you through the shredder because your car is more than a year old will NEVER really respect you no matter how much you own. It is better you know this now. You may meet one of the rare US or British non materialistic women or you may travel where they are more common. Either way, a materialistic woman just wants to divorce you- she has no interest in you whatever.”

“Men interest themselves in every subject under the sun- but women are interested in only themselves. If a woman is under forty this boils down to sex, sexual attractiveness, and love. If she has these then why should she bother with anything else? Women read magazines about beauty, and about relationships. Apart from this the world is a barren desert for her. She has no interest in anything that happens in the world apart from her beauty and the effect it has upon others.”

“I, like most men’s rights activists, am a believer in Evolutionary Psychology.[…]Romantic fiction and romantic behaviour between the sexes has remained the same for many thousands of years- and will be the same again in another thousand. Both men and women dream of patriarchy as their first choice- and will only accept matriarchy with a great deal of resentment. A healthy woman will desire a strong and good man who will look after her. She has no difficulty in obeying him as long as he continues to consider her needs. Obeying a bullying or selfish man would be a tyranny but following a strong man is liberating.[…]None of this behaviour quite makes sense from the standpoint of individual psychology. Why should women only be attracted to men that are superior to them in social status for instance? Only evolutionary psychology has the answers.”

I advise the wearing of Obstreperation-goggles to protect one’s eyes from the horror of beng soiled by his “rape” category articles, wherein apparently rape is a very rare crime , (although of course it’s a terrible crime on the “rare” occasions when it happens, he sez) and the main problem for men is (of course) being falsely accused (no cites). Although it probably wouldn’t be regarded as such a terrible crime if only the wimmins wouldn’t wallow in feeling all upset and just get over it, sez he.

Feminism likes to pretend that it is concerned with the rape of women. In fact it relies upon rape and the fear of rape for its funding and moral authority. This is not to say that rape never occurs- it will be impossible to tell how rare rape is until feminism has been destroyed. My intuitive belief is that it is not only very rare but less destructive than commonly thought. I have only known one woman who was raped (by a former boyfriend) and the whole thing was very annoying and upsetting to her, but no more than this.

Because, obviously, the blogger being the thoroughly sympathetic chap he is, if she was devastated and traumatised by it his would obviously be the shoulder to cry upon.

Richard, the blogger, is very, very concerned with the problem of men being falsely accused by the hordes of women in the workplace who continually send men sexual signals by being concerned with their grooming and wearing clothes that conform to current fashions, but who are apparently “mad” because they don’t want to sleep with men like Richard when they’ve been sending men like Richard super-obvious sexual signals all day long through their mascara and lipstick, the dozy cows.

Richard is a devotee of something called the Men Going Their Own Way arm of the modern men’s movement. They could repay some bloggerly examination.

Found through following a search-string for “reaction about feminism” that led someone to Finally, A Feminism 101 blog. The blog’s name (decode the L33t) is C@rn1v@l 0f Re@ct10n.

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  1. That’s, um … special. Oh, evpsych. Perhaps I’m being optimistic, but I can’t help shaking the idea that whilst problematic, it’s not *actually* this bad, until MRA-types like this guy get a hold of it.

  2. Where evolutionary psychology is actually confined to science supported by statistics and actual neurobiology, it’s quite fascinating. Pop-evpsych, like all pop psychology, is quite another matter.
    So what are you doing up so late? I’ve got nasty indigestion after a very large meal of Beef Wellington.

  3. I’d just gotten home from a party at a friends’ place. Which was not the best idea given I had to be up at this hour today for work.

  4. Well he’s special isn’t he. I hope I never run into him, the temptation to poke him in the eye with my mascara might become too much. Of course I’d have to buy some first, but I think I could manage for a good cause. As the my lovely husband might say – Richard’s a waste of oxygen. I suspect he sees himself in the ‘stong man’ role.

  5. Well, I hope you’re relaxing after work by now.
    Majikthise has an interesting post on Evolutionary Psychology vs pop-EvPsych etc.

  6. My comment #5 was meant for ariella – you got hung up in automoderation, Mindy.
    I’m not sure what word triggered the modbot – “stong”? Perhaps there is some “stong” preversion, which sp@ms like mad, of which I’m unaware?

  7. Gawd. Sounds about eighteen maybe? Pompous little twat.

  8. Ahem, or even ‘strong’. Maybe your spaminator just doesn’t like misspellings?

  9. Ha ha. I thought that, according to “evolutionary biology/psychology,” men, constantly preoccupied with sex and violence, actually weren’t intelligent enough to be trusted with anything, which forces one to ask yet again why they’re running governments, militaries, and businesses. How I love the irreconcilable contradictions of “manhood.”


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