Depression and anxiety

Magic Bellybutton has written a terrific post about her experiences dealing with depression and anxiety. A lot of her experiences mirror mine, which is something I haven’t written about on the blog although I’ve thought a lot about doing so, especially since Lauredhel’s post on living with CFS and invisible disabilities.

Where Magic Bellybutton and I differ is that it was eventually realised that my depression is part of a mood disorder, which has led in the past to periods of grandiose goalsetting that in turn results in even worse depression when those goals crash and burn. Thank goodness for eventually persevering to find a good GP and good psychiatrists who don’t just assume, and who actually work through signs and symptoms properly. And also thank FSM for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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  1. Yes, it must be said – no two people are going to be exactly alike with this. All kinds of weird and wonderful things happen to you while your brain is playing hopscotch about the place.
    Thanks for “coming out” about it!

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