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When watching Blade Runner on DVD, having torrential rainfall on the roof as an addition to the soundtrack adds a certain frisson.

Whatever happened to Rutger Hauer, anyway?

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  1. He’s in your video store! He ended up in an endless sequence of straight to video sf and sword and sorcery shockers!

  2. Oh, the poor bugger. I rather liked the S&S he did with Michelle Pfeiffer, Ladyhawke, and he deserves better than being in the schlock-fantasy ghetto.
    One thing we noticed was the difference in buffness standards for Hauer in that film compared to what the big strong villain would be expected to look like today. Hauer was undeniably strong with his barrel chest, and he did have a six-pack and incredibly toned legs, but it was all natural-looking. He didn’t have huge gym-pecs or huge gym-biceps, all of which are de rigeur these days.

  3. I hadn’t thought about that, but yeah, you’re right!
    The other pressing question – why did it take so so long for Blade Runner to come out on dvd?

  4. My sister Coz (over at Cunning Plan) had the biggest crush of Rutger Hauer as a teen. In point of fact, I believe she still does!

  5. Mark, I hadn’t realised that Blade Runner did take a long time to hit DVD. We just saw it and thought “Hey, we don’t have Blade Runner”.

  6. Hey, torrential rain! Yay!

  7. I thought so too and it didn’t exist on dvd til last year. I was quite excited when it came out. I saw it when I was fifteen at the movies…

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