Reader Challenge: Abbott Macro

Reader Challenge!

1. Go read : Abbott: Being hit at school never harmed me

In which our Health Minister lectures to an Aboriginal community that what they really need to solve their problems is more violence from those in authority.

From another article this week on the same issue:

[Abbott] said teachers had few options open to them when students misbehaved. “That’s why I think there was an argument for the cane and strap, and I am not saying it was a compelling argument but it may well be that sometimes the only language kids understand is that kind of language.” […]

Mr Abbott, who said he received the strap at the Jesuit school that he attended, said he did not want to be too prescriptive. “But I do know that a lot of people think that sometimes you’ve got to be able to give a short, sharp shock to people, that’s what corporal punishment was about as I seem to recall it,” he said.

2. Create a relevant macro from this image accompanying the article:

or any other image of Tony Abbott.

LOLCatBuilder is a handy helper to build your image.

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  1. Has you seen it?

    It are about this big.

  2. (Welcome to Hoyden, Seagoon!)

    Has you seen it?
    It are about this big.

    The cane they’re going to hit the kids with?

  3. As I recall the policy of hitting kids was dumped when the majority of people finally realised that the kids getting in trouble and getting punished generally got worse at home and so it didn’t work anyway.
    My caption would be ‘My understanding of the world and reality are this far apart, and growing by the day!’

  4. I’ve started to create a Flickr set here. More mocking! More!


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