Soundbite shortcomings in a nutshell

Because this blog discusses sexuality, sexual violence, homosexuality and gendered insults etc with the intent to inform, a ratings system based on words alone gets us lumped in with sites that are nothing but sexual titillation and/or gender vilification.

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Mingle2Blog Rating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* bitch (8x) * rape (7x) * queer (2x) * crap (1x)

Categories: gender & feminism


4 replies

  1. Mine was rated R, but wordpress couldn’t handle the code 😦

  2. Mine was rated NC 17 and I only said gay 3 times!

  3. Well, the fundies keep on saying there’s a radical gay agenda – the high rating must be apre-emptive strike against Teh Gays.

  4. Because it ignores anything after a “more” tag, my front page is R, but my individual entries are NC-17.
    It reminds me of that Limp Bizkit clip where Thora Birch gets tied up in the middle of nowhere (cue sexualised shots of her squirming and terrified) and screamed at by the band. The “clean” version is identical, except they remove “fuck” from the lyrics, because that’s the only part which is inappropriate for children.

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