Sydney has finally joined the club

The club of cities where one sees people casually commuting to work on their Segways, of course. I don’t think it had anything to do with APEC or President Bush being in town: after all, he certainly seemed to be handling it better than the President did a while back.


Attempting to show off his understanding of modern technology President Bush, tennis racket in hand, jump onto a Segway Human Transporter for a photo opportunity. The Segway is touted as the “world’s first dynamically stabilized, self balancing human transporter”, unlike the president, the scooter is designed to be stable. As cameras clicked away Bush stepped on the machine and immediately fell off. There was great speculation as to what could have happened and why the president couldn’t stay balanced on this self-balancing machine. After studying all the possibilities, the makers of the Segway have figured it out ““ Mr. Bush had forgotten to turn the machine on.

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